Beware of Cosmetics

Like the proverbial white washed tomb whose inside was a pack of dirt, most women all over the world are fond of taking care of their skin by application of cosmetics to make it good and beautiful.

What women fail to realize is the fact that beauty is meant to come from inside. You will agree with me that a good car cannot be determined by the looks of its body, it can only be known by the engine. Most women neglect their engine to take care of the body. They therefore result into the use of cosmetics to have a good, radiant, and beautiful skin.

The end result is that most achieved a temporary beauty and on the long run ended up in a more serious terminal illness. This is simply because most cosmetics are very dangerous to health and vitality.

Why is this so?

Most cosmetic are made from petrochemicals which are known to be extremely hazardous to human health, they are known to contain chemicals which causes cancer on the long run, and lead to lung damage when swallowed.

Some ingredients of today’s cosmetics and their health hazards are listed below

Sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS): this is a chemical that is normally used as an industrial degreaseant and garage floor cleaner. When applied to human skin, it has an adverse effect of stripping the oil layer, eroding and irritating the skin, making the skin rough and dried. It has ability to penetrate the skin, the liver and the brain, changing the genetic formation of the cells and on the long run, affects the immune system.

Bentonite: This is product used in makeup. It is claimed that it is a nontoxic product that is used to remove toxins from the body, but report shows that it is highly poisonous because it kills rats when they are injected with it.

DEA (Diethanolamine): this is normally found in cream, lotion, soap, shampoo and conditioner. It has been confirmed that this is extremely dangerous because it forms nitrosamines which is known to be carcinogens. It therefore exposes various organs of the body into a very high risk of developing cancer.

Sodium laureth sulphate (SLES): this is a powerful detergent aimed to be used in cleansing the skin. Research has shown that it has ability to affect essential protein in the eyes when it comes into contact with it and causes cataract. No wonder why there is warning most of the time that getting to the eyes should be avoided. It is also known that this chemical is so harmful to the skin that it is used in the laboratory to damage the skin when healing agents are to be tested.

Other chemicals such as Talc, Fluoride, Toluene, Glycerine, Mineral oil, Mono sodium glutamate and so on are all chemicals which cause serious damage to organs, cause skin cancer or reduce body immunity.

What is the solution to beauty from inside?

Having seen that cosmetics does more harm than good to the body, it is more important for us to look at the alternative approach to maintain natural beauty making use of products that has virtually no hazardous side effects to the body.

I want to recommend Edmark beauty park products made from all natural ingredients to aid beauty completely from inside.

This product consists of three major products put together for beauty, vitality and sound health.

They include Bubble C, Cocolagen and Bio Elixir.

Bubble C

Edmark Bubble C is a refreshing instant orange beverage, loaded with natural vitamin C & fortified with calcium from real fresh orange.

Benefits of this healthy drink are

It boost immune system

It stimulate production of natural collagen in the body

It helps to maintain healthy blood vessels and gums

Resists infections and facilitates wound healing


This is a chocolate flavored beverage enriched with high grade quality marine collagen that nourishes skin making it firm, lifting the signs of aging and reviving its natural healthy and youthful glow.

What is Collagen?

Collagen is like glue that connects body tissues such as skin, bone, tendon, muscles and cartilage together. It is known to make about 70% of our skin.

Its responsibilities are to provide elasticity and shape to the skin helping it to maintain its firmness, and to retain its moisture. When collagen is reduced in the body, dehydration and wrinkles are the result.

What causes Collagen reduction in the body?

There are three major reasons for collagen reduction in the body, these are

Biological factor: Body natural collagen reduces as people grow old

Environmental factor: Environmental hazards like air pollution, pesticides and insecticides are all reasons for decline in natural body collagen

Personal Lifestyle: Smoking, alcoholism, usage of cosmetics and makeup are habits that affect the natural body collagen

Benefits of cocollagen

Plumps up the skin and lips

Removing wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes

Smoothens crow feet lines and reduces furrows

Promotes skin elasticity

Firms and tightens sagging

Tones and moisturizes skin

People who need Cocollagen

People who often suffer from arthritis or those who have history of arthritis in their lineage

Men and women over the age of 40

People who work outdoors



Bio Elixir

Bio Elixir is made 100% from natural ingredients of excellent quality soy protein extracts. It is not a hormone, steroid or a drug, it contain no pituitary extract, no mammalian brain and no hormones.
It is therefore completely safe to consume, with zero side effects.
It is also known to have an ability to target health problem areas, supply the needed nutrient thereby terminating the problem.
It is a drink that is completely rich in nutrients and minerals, which includes, Arginine, Ornithine, Glutamic acid, Leucine, Lysine, Vitamin B5

Bio Elixir is known to stimulates the pituitary gland to release its own HGH the natural way.
It has been confirmed that this product has ability to turn our biological clock back by 20 years,

meaning a reintroduction of about 28% of HGH back into the body within one to two months of its usage.
This same action therefore enhances the repair of damaged tissues, and brings about the following

1. New Vigour
2. General health and well-being
3. Enhancement of good looks and body beauty
4. Improve sexual performance

Benefits of Bio Elixir

1. Wrinkle, acne, and stretch marks removal
2. Increase memory retention
3. Sharper vision
4. Hair re-growth
5. Faster wound healing
6. Stronger bones
7.Better Kidney functions
8. Greater Cardiac output
9. Re-growth of heart, liver, spleen, kidneys and other organs that shrink with age
10.Mood elevation

There is no doubt in my mind that if any woman could avoid the health risks of cosmetics and change to a more safer and highly effective Edmark beauty park, such a woman will be able to keep her beauty as long as she can live, maintain a healthy body and complete vitality.


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Merle Norman Cosmetics Are Classic

Of the many cosmetic companies doing business today, Merle Norman cosmetics is one of the best. This company was started by a woman to meet the needs of women. The products are of good quality with a long track record behind them. Pricing is mid range and a good value. If you compare the many companies selling cosmetics today, you will see that the quality of product and the prices vary wildly. Some products costing hundreds of dollars are no better than some in the twenty dollar range. Looking on line under cosmetics will give you a good cross view of what people say about all of the cosmetic companies.

Merle Norman cosmetics have thousands of loyal fans. Many have used these products all their adult lives and don't intend to change product lines any time soon. There is a long history behind this company. Any time a company can stay healthy in business for over 70 years, it is doing something right.

In it's long history Merle Norman cosmetics has sold thousands of franchises to help people sell these cosmetics and have their own businesses. Having a Merle Norman studio is something to take pride in. These franchises have a strict set of rules to abide by, so the quality of product and service is the same wherever you go in this country and Canada.

The cosmetic line has grown over the years as new needs appeared in the customer network. The basic skin care line added cosmetics, sun blockers, ant-aging creams, wigs, gifts and more. The line has kept up with the times dropping and adding products as the needs and wants of the public changed, and new science developed. A company that can keep up with the needs of its' customer base for over 70 years is a rarity in today's business world.

Merle Norman cosmetics was founded on the premise that you make good products at reasonable prices and let the customers try out the product before buying it.

This "try before you buy" concept has worked very well for the company and it's customers for the many years of it's history. You can get a free beauty consultation using the products, before you buy them. This helps you use the correct products in the right way to get the most benefit from them. The many loyal Merle Norman customers will tell you that this is a great line.

Cosmetic Surgery Malpractice

People who choose to go into a medical profession are to be admired and respected. After all, these people have devoted their lives to saving the lives of others. Medical professionals are frequently required to work long, grueling hours often with no breaks and literally have life and death decisions to make day in and day out. Because medical professionals are human, they will make mistakes. Sadly, however, some of these mistakes cause serious injury or even death to the very people they set out to help or save. If you have suffered or if a loved one has died due to a medical error, it is imperative that you seek out the assistance of a medical malpractice lawyer as soon as possible following the injury or death. All states have time limits called statutes of limitation on medical malpractice cases, and if you wait too long, you may miss the deadline to file your lawsuit.

Simple Procedures, Deadly Results

One type of medical malpractice that is coming to light more and more often is what is called cosmetic surgery malpractice.

As more and more men and women look to the scalpel to stop the aging process, more and more cosmetic surgery mistakes are being made. Those who elect to have cosmetic surgery do so to improve their appearance, so coming out of cosmetic surgery looking worse than when you went in is the ultimate nightmare for these people. Men and women of all ages are going under the knife to have something nipped and tucked, and some people are dying on the operating table during or after what should have been a very simple, routine procedure.

The case of Kanye West's mother is perhaps one of the most famous, or infamous, cases of cosmetic surgery gone wrong.

Donda West, the then 58-year-old mother of the hip-hop superstar, underwent two cosmetic procedures at once, and because she had a heart condition that should have prevented her from having any of these procedures, she died shortly after returning home from the hospital. Cosmetic surgeons all over the country said they never would have operated on this woman considering her medical history, yet one surgeon did operate and he performed two procedures. The physician who has been accused of medical malpractice has had several lawsuits filed against him in recent years.

Another case of cosmetic surgery gone terribly wrong is the case of the author of the book First Wives Club. Several years ago, Olivia Goldsmith, 54, checked into a Manhattan hospital for a very routine chin tuck and within four minutes of her surgery, she was in a coma, never to wake again. The New York City medical examiner stated that Mrs. Goldsmith died from cardiac arrest while under general anesthesia.

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