History, Medical Development, and Cosmetic Use of BOTOX

People normally have an aversion toward growing old. Many people are wary of the fact that they shall someday grow white hair and then lose it altogether while their faces become wrinkled and saggy. Wrinkling and sagging of the skin is attributed to gradual cellular atrophy that occurs in advanced age; the tissues become less elastic and gradually regenerate less quickly. The Botox treatment is becoming increasingly popular as a remedy to wrinkles, particularly frown lines and laugh lines.
This treatment involves the injection of a protein called botulinum toxin. This substance is potentially a neurotoxin, a toxin that affects the nerve cells, so this must be administered by someone with professional training. When injected properly with the right dose, the facial muscles relax, reducing wrinkles, making the face look softer and younger.
Botulinum toxin was first discovered as the cause of poisoning from bacteria called Clostridium botulinum that thrives in improperly treated meat products like sausages.

The name is derived from the Latin botulus meaning “sausage”; this is also the etymology of botulism, potentially lethal poisoning from consuming food infested with C. botulinum. The medical community found the potential medical advantage of this toxin and adopted chemical processing to purify the toxin and make it safe for consumption.
In 1980, the botulinum toxin was first used as treatment for strabismus (crossed eyes) and blepharospasm (uncontrollable blinking and twitching on the eyelids). By the next five years, the toxin was sold as drugs and widely used to treat these defects; side effects were mild and treatable. In 1989, the US Food and Drug Administration approved of the Botox Los Angeles doctors use for strabismus, blepharospasm, and hemifacial spasms on patients as young as thirteen.
In 1989, a plastic surgeon observed the substance’s effect on wrinkles on patients who have been given botulinum toxin injections. In 1992, a couple of Canadian physicians studied the effects of the substance on frown lines, especially those between the eyebrows. They all discovered that the lack of muscle movement inhibited the development of wrinkles and made wrinkles less visible for those who have them. However, Los Angeles Botox patients still had to wait for the treatment to be approved for cosmetic use.
It was not until 2002 that Botox Los Angeles patients need was given the go-signal to make its debut in the cosmetic treatment industry. Many patients consider it a good alternative to facelifts because it is noninvasive. More patients also prefer to keep their faces natural and relaxed with reduced wrinkles. This treatment successfully eliminated one common disadvantage patients suffer after a facelift.

Renaissance and Costume Sub-Culture

Renaissance was the age when set ideals of society in Europe were broken and new ways of thinking emerged and supported. This period has given rise to inspiration for the modern world, for people who want to make a change in the traditional ideas and lifestyles. This is also reflected in the degree of freedom the Renaissance society had in its dress, the range of colours, outfits and patterns of clothing. Renaissance costumes had a variety of clothing for men and women. A Renaissance outfit included cloaks, robes, capes, tunics, shirts and trousers. Renaissance costumes could be made of velvet, silk, satin and lined with fur and brocade for the nobility. On the other hand, common people’s Renaissance clothing was made of cotton, linen, flannel and sheepskin.

In contrast, our industrialised societies have much less freedom in forms of dress, colours and styles.

As traditional societies become industrialised, the wide range of clothes gradually becomes less in use in such industrialised societies. However, as opposed to the Renaissance society, dress is not class-bound in modern society. Hence, some people in modern times are trying to combine the freedom in the wide range of dresses from the Renaissance period with the freedom from class in modern society. Of course, it means that only those can wear a certain dress who have the money to afford it. Hence, a complete freedom from class is not possible in this attempt.

Pirate clothing is an important of this experiment described above. It has become fashionable with the notion that an outlaw of history can be perceived as a person trying to redefine his or her society.

This dress projects this image by using the fashions from the pirate clothing of history, but in a modern setting by men who are not really living in contradiction to the law, but live outside the mainstream culture. The most popular dress from the Pirates’ costume is the shirt. These are usually long and loose-sleeved with frills and brocades and available in dark and white shades. Accessories with pirates’ costume often include a carved, embossed and engraved sword. It gives a mediaeval look to the Pirate clothing ensemble, eventhough it is no longer required to carry a sword in the modern world.

Fashion History - 1960?s to Present Day


In this article we shall go through the trends and styles that were apparent over the past five decades. Starting from 1960, we take a journey through the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s then right up to the  modern contemporary looks that we see each and every day.


So the swinging 1960’s begins with a lot of vibrancy and plenty of brightly coloured attire, think Austin Powers with his velvet suits and ruffle neck ties. Men’s clothing was primarily sports jackets, polyester suits and turtle neck sweaters.  Shoe wise Chelsea boots and Cuban heels were in along with moccasins a few years after.


The decade of the seventies came by with an ‘anything goes’ kind of attitude.

Men wearing pretty much whatever they wanted, it was the time of free spirit and fun. Men were actually adding platform shoes to their outfits, which coincided with the disco theme that was evident during this era.


Shortly after came the turn of the 1980’s and once again styles quickly changed. The power suit was the in thing, mainly the kinds seen on the guys in Miami Vice. Conservative looks were all the rage, along with the power suit came the sophisticated shoe style. Oxfords, brogues and loafers were everywhere. The late 80’s saw a drastic change and everyone was less formal about their clothing choices. Looser styles and casual looks were a lot more opted for among both men and women.


Moving on to the 1990’s, denim was around and there was a lot of it.

From jeans to jackets, it was the fabric to be seen in. Men’s clothing was full of flannel shirts, leather jackets and aviator sunglasses. Laid back relaxed looks were the top trends with plenty of baggy styled pieces to go around. The 90’s also saw the beginning of the trainer revolution, as the latest sneakers became popular among young kids and teenagers.


The year 2000 up until the year 2010 has seen so many looks come and go that listing them would take up an entire decade in its self. The turn of the millennium saw a lot more people becoming more fashion conscious and choosing to dress how they wanted to rather than following fashions. Today it seems that the trend is to not follow trends and wear what you want to create a unique look. So it remains to be seen what we will be dressing like over the next ten years.





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Halloween Costumes and Charms

Charming your way through Halloween can be fun and exciting. No matter what type of costume you may choose to wear you can compliment it by wearing your very own personalized or customized charm bracelet. When you take the time to think about it, people have been wearing and carrying small tokens or trinkets of just about any type of material that you can consider. People have been using as lucky or good luck charms.

Halloween costumes and charms go hand in hand with one another so well when you consider the history of each. Both have been around for a very long time. Adding them together can be fun and sensible, since you will always have a nice addition to your jewelry collection or you might chose to offer it as a gift to someone else after the holiday celebration dress-up fun. Here are a few to consider:

- Historical and Timeless Costumes

Choosing to accent or compliment historical and timeless characters in costume is a natural choice.

Whether you are dressing up for Halloween as cavemen and women, or some famous historical couple, wearing charms to complete a look is an ideal choice. These types of items have a deep rich history that you can recreate while playing pretend and dressing up like someone else. Even some our most favorite cartoon characters wore charms.

- Vampires and Zombies

Choosing Halloween costumes such as vampires and zombies offer another great way to accent such a fun and daring masquerade. Watching some of the old movies will show us that these two types of creatures enjoyed wearing fashionable jewelry of the day, even if at times it is covered in blood. Whether while wearing lengths of velvet and silk or tattered blue jeans and cotton, someone somewhere was wearing and using charms to express his or her inner nature before the calamity of dealing with being undead.

- Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter

The charm of make believe can be such fun while choosing Halloween costumes according to this old and new favorite sensation.

This is a long time favorite of many people young and old, regardless of the edition. Choosing any character from the story of Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter, the White Queen, the Red Queen and the White Rabbit; you can compliment your outfit by adding storytelling jewelry.

- Professionals and Careers

Dressing up as any type of professional or career type Halloween costume is also easy to accent while wearing a storytelling bracelet or necklace. Professionals are everyday people do and love everyday things as well as special occasions or milestones. Whether you choose to dress as a stewardess, celebrity, nurse or travel agent as well as many others you can add depth of character to your costume choice.

Adding unique and distinctive jewelry can help complete any Halloween costume. The most important thing is to have fun and use your imagination and you can choose the best Halloween costumes and charms.

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