Best Cosmetic Surgery For You In Sydney

In history, there are many examples of cosmetic surgeries. Although the exact date of it's inception is still untraceable, however, there are many historical incidents which depicts the use of different kinds of cosmetic surgeries by human beings. These incidents showcase man's desire, even in those times, to look better and attractive than it's peers.

Books on the Greeks and Romans civilization are full of incidences where cosmetic procedure being used to fix disfigurements caused due to various different reasons. These books also states Greeks and Romans likeness of getting their body tattooed. However, the techniques and tools used in those times are not viable now days. Much technical advancement has taken place making every kind of cosmetic surgeries quite economical and effective. Even the Liposuction cost which was quite high earlier has considerably reduced.

Till a few years ago, every cosmetic surgeries used to be quite expensive.

Even a minor Skin peel Sydney service and Liposuction cost was too expensive to avail by any normal person. However, things have changed, and now all cosmetic surgeries can be easily availed by any person at quite a reduced price.

In recent times, there has a tremendous increase in the number of people going for cosmetic surgeries. Due to this huge demand a host of Cosmetic surgery clinic Sydney have opened up in the city. Even Rhinoplasty Surgeon Sydney, which were initially quite few in numbers, are now easily available. Although, still there is a vast shortage of qualified cosmetic surgeons. However, one can easily locate a Cosmetic tattoo Sydney, and Skin peel Sydney service provider, in their own locality.

Initially, cosmetic procedures were only meant for women. Even the cosmetic products available, in those times, were exclusively meant for the use of the female community.  However, things have changed drastically, and all earlier conceptions that cosmetic surgeries and procedures can be only availed by persons belonging to a particular age group and sex have been quashed. Now, more men are getting their nose and face job done. Recent advancement in cosmetic surgeries has even made fat reduction from various parts of the body quite an easier job.

Ideas for fancy dress costumes

If you or your daughter or son has taken part in any of the fancy dress competition then you can get many fancy dress costumes at online store of This online store will be providing you with the fancy dress costumes that will fall in your budget. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on buying any of the fancy dress outfits unless you are really in need of one. You will be easily able to find extravagant fancy dress outfits, if you know the right store. Before buying any fancy dress outfits from any of the store, you should make a habit in you to check for the different styles and shapes that are available in different store. You can also compare the prices as well.

Once you do a little bit of research on your, you yourself will be in a position to estimate the prices of the different fancy dress outfits.

Today, most of fancy dress outfit specialists are focusing on premium outfits. This also includes those costumes which are worn by the movie characters, TV characters or theatre characters. But, it is not all necessary to wear the costumes of these popular TV stars or movie characters.

You should be able to create your own style and through that only you will be able to leave your mark. You can plan to dress yourself as people use to dress themselves in the ancient history. You can dress yourself as a Roman Emperor or Roman princess. You can also dress yourself as the Centurion soldier also. If you are going to attend a party where the theme is very spiritual one then you can choose to dress yourself in the mythological Greek Goddess or God. Today, most of the people lack the art of making smile to others so if you have this art then you can definitely dress up yourself as the clown.

Girls can dress themselves as the nurse, French maid or the nun.

You should make sure that your fancy dress outfit should go with the theme of the party. You also need to concentrate on the accessories of yours fancy dress outfits as well. Most of the parties ae also arranged as the team based theme parties. In these types of parties, you can dress up yourself one of your favorite football team players or basketball team players and through which you will be able to gather the attention of all people.

Plumbing History

When you need to get your bathroom fitting installed or let's assume that you have to fix your pipe or if there is some leakage in the pipe, what would you do? The answer is simple; you'll call such a guy who is expert in doing such a job. The guy who deals with all the queries of these sanitary related problems is a plumber and the process itself is called plumbing.
Plumbing, in other words is also referred to a system of pipes and fixtures installed in a building for the distribution of potable water and the removal of waterborne wastes. The whole process that is linked with sanitary is called plumbing. Plumbing is usually distinguished from water and sewage systems, in that a plumbing system serves one building, while water and sewage systems serve a group of buildings or a city. This is a common difference between the two. When it is limited to just one house or building it stays within the premises of plumbing.

A short history about plumbing, it was extremely rare until the growth of modern cities in the 19th century. With the advancement of these cities came the need of plumbing. At the same time public health authorities began pressing for better waste disposal systems to be installed. This was the time when World Health Organization raised questions about proper disposal of waste.
Earlier, the waste disposal system merely consisted of collecting waste and dumping it on ground or into a river. Standardized earthen plumbing pipes with broad flanges making use of asphalt for preventing leakages appeared in the urban settlements of the Indus Valley Civilization. Plumbing originated during the ancient civilizations such as the Greek, Roman, Persian, Indian and Chinese civilizations as they developed public baths and needed to provide potable water, and drainage of wastes. When the public baths were introduced there were major concerns about the disposal of waste. The Romans used lead pipe inscriptions to prevent water theft. Improvement in plumbing systems was very slow with virtually no progress made from the time of the Roman system of aqueducts and lead pipes until the 19th century. Eventually the development of separate, underground water and sewage systems eliminated open sewage ditches. This created a better atmosphere and cleanliness was also kept in mind.
Most large cities today pipe solid wastes to treatment plants in order to separate and partly purify the water before emptying into streams or other bodies of water. The use of lead for potable water declined sharply after World War II because of the dangers of lead poisoning. At this time, copper piping was introduced as a better and safer alternative to lead pipes. Another material used for plumbing pipes, particularly water main, was hollowed wooden logs wrapped in steel banding. Logs used for water distribution were used in England close to 500 years ago. They use wooden logs for the making of plumbing pipe with the mixture of steel. This was how the proper plumbing originally started.

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History - Basics

The term history means a discovery, organization, presentation as well as collection regarding the information relating to the events of past. We can use the term history in 2 senses. It can either mean event's record or the events itself. In wide sense, history means all which has already happened or taken place, not just all human-life's phenomena but also those regarding natural-world also. It involves everything which undergoes a change. It has been shown by science of today that not a single thing is static, the entire universe as well as its part has some or the other history of its. History is considered a research's field that uses narrative for examining as well as analyzing sequences of the event. It also sometimes tries to objectively investigate the designs of effect and cause which determines the events.

History's nature as well as history's usefulness is being debated by the historians.

History, today, forms big component regarding human-knowledge, side by side knowledge regarding science and culture.

Historical study is done on following areas:

Periods – Study of history often highlights on development and event which occurs in specific time's blocks. These time period are given names by historians to enable the historians to use "organizing the ideas as well as classificatory-generalization". Names which are given by historians may differ with the location of area or may differ due to start as well as end dates of any period. Decades and centuries are some terms used commonly and these terms reflect the time period.
Geographic-locations – Base for the study of history also is formed from any specific geographical-location like continents, cities or countries. Why a particular location is so successful? The answer to this question depends upon the study of that location and the study is possible with the historical data of that place.
World – World-history refers to study regarding major and important civilizations from a period of last three thousand years. History of world is important especially as filed in teaching. It is mainly teaching-field instead of research-field. After 1980's it became more popular in many countries because it provided student with wider exposure about world.
History of military – This history specially concerns strategies, warfare, weapons, battles and combat's psychology. From the year 1970s New-military-history is concerned more with the soldiers than the generals, more with the psychology than the tactics as well as with wider warfare's impact on culture and society.

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Desert Shoes: History Rewinds Itself In Fashion

If anyone in today's date asks you the question about desert shoes being existent in today's time, then you got to answer the question immediately with a "yes". Most of the people have yet not accepted the fact that these shoes were never out of fashion. The main reason being that most of the competitors designed and marketed the new designs and styles of shoes in such a manner, that these shoes were left behind in the market. But if someone talks about the durability and comfortability of these boots, then you will not have any doubts in your mind about the quality of the same.

These boots came into being when military men used to wear them at war fronts. As the time passes by, most of the celebrities were often seen wearing these boots in newspapers and magazines. Now here they are, available at most of the shopping malls, and with almost all the leading brands and stores.  However, most of the people when they buy a new pair of desert boots have a problem to deal with the scuffs present on them.

But if these scuffs are handled or taken care of in time before they spoil the looks and attractiveness of the boot, it will leave the toughness and style back on to the same level as it was before.

One of the easiest methods to clean these boots is to have a soft brush which is especially meant for the cleaning these boots. Also make sure that you are not wearing the boots while you are cleaning them. This is just because of the fact that there are a few areas which would not be visible if you wear the shoes and then try to clean them.

It's also important to clean the soles of these boots with an appropriate tool so that it does not break. The desert boots come in a variety of styles and designs. The soles of these shoes are designed especially for extreme conditions and are very suitable if worn on a deserted land. They are rough and tough and are airy at the same time as well. One will not face the problem of bad odour after you would remove the shoes. They also have the capability of keeping your feet dry and moist free in extremes of temperatures.

One should go ahead and give a look at the variety of these boots and should not feel that they are out of fashion or will ever be. Because we the people ourselves decide what is in and what is out of fashion. It's just what we like and what we don't.

Wedding History

Even though most couples get pleasure from planning their wedding, a lot of them do not genuinely know a lot about wedding historical past. Why do most brides put on a white Wedding Dresses? Why are favors handed out at weddings? How did the bridal party come about? Here at LoveTo Know Weddings you will obtain the answers to these and also other burning questions.


Weddings within the 1850's were typically an exceptionally solemn affair. The over-piety of earlier a long time nevertheless held for many church ceremonies. But here and there, organ music prior to or following the marriage vows was becoming per mitted, and soon became customary.

Initially, the organist was left to choose as he pleased from Bach and also the other classicists. Gradually, however, two favorites appeared, The Bridal Chorus from Wagner's Lohengrin as well as the Wedding March which Mendelssohn wrote for Midsummer’s Night's Dream. Every person knows the opening strains of Wagner's "Here Comes the Bride", also the gay Mendelssohn music which accompanies the wedding celebration because they march away in the altar. Consequently was set the wedding's conventional musical entrance and exit, which has existed now for over one hundred a long time.


Most 1850 weddings we've got been ready to check out on had been church ceremonies. White was not the only color worn from the bride, and she utilized a quick veil-sometimes none in any way. Daguerreotypes and ambrotypes, of these brides are extremely attractive. Seldom does 1 locate a image of bride and groom, and a single of your entire wedding party is much more rare. In these occasions, the wedding was invariably followed by a family feast. Gaiety predominated then and guests at times stayed to escort the newly married pair to their bedroom-a survival in the old time rural "horning party."


Honeymoons away in the home locale had been really unusual. Newlyweds stayed at their parents houses or journeyed about amid nearby kinfolk. Niagara Falls had not however taken on glamour because the ideal location for any honey moon trip. We've located a few daguerreotypes of couples taken in front from the authentic falls-not the fake backdrop which became the wedding photographer's chief "prop" in later a long time.

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Vocaloid Akaito Cosplay Costume

Make you the same as Akaito in this Vocaloid cosplay costume for cosplay show.The pants is designed in hip-hugger style. cosplay costume
It is difficult to know how many songs and albums are using the Vocaloid software since song writers must ask permission before being allowed to state specifically they are using a Vocaloid in their songs. However, the albums mentioned here only represent a fraction of the albums produced using the software and many more are found on Crypton's KarenT label website. The earliest use of Vocaloid related software used prototypes of Kaito and Meiko and were featured on the album History of Logic System kagamine rin by Hideki Matsutake released on July 24, 2003, and sang the song "Ano Subarashii Ai o M Ichido". The first album to be released using a full commercial Vocaloid was A Place in the Sun, which used Leon's voice for the vocals singing in both Russian and English. Miriam has also been featured in two albums, Light + Shade and Continua. Japanese electropop-artist Susumu Hirasawa used Vocaloid Lola in the original soundtrack of Paprika by Satoshi Kon. Leon was also featured in the album 32bit Love by Muzehack. magical girl Even early on in the software's history, the music making progress proved to be a valuable asset to the Vocaloid development as it not only opened up the possibilities of how the software may be applied in practice, but led to the creation of further Vocaloids to fill in the missing roles the software had yet to cover. The album A Place in the Sun was noted to have songs that were designed for a male voice with a rougher timbre then the Vocaloid Leon could provide; this later led to the development of Big Al to fulfill this particular role.
final fantasy cosplay
One of the Vocaloid compilations, Exit Tunes Presents Vocalogenesis feat. Hatsune Miku, debuted at number-one on the Japanese weekly Oricon album charts dated May 31, 2010, becoming the first Vocaloid album ever to top the charts. Another album, Supercell, by the group Supercellalso features a number of songs using Vocaloids. Other albums, such as 19's Sound Factory's First Sound Story and Livetune's Re:Repackage, and Re:Mikus[177][178] also feature Miku's voice. Other uses of Miku include the albums Sakura no Ame (?) by Absorb and Miku no Kanzume (?) by OSTER-project. Kagamine Len and Rin's songs were covered by Asami Shimoda in the album Prism credited to "Kagamine Rin/Len feat. Asami Shimoda". Final Fantasy VIII

In the month prior to her release, SF-A2 Miki was featured in the album Vocaloids X'mas: Shiroi Yoru wa Seijaku o Mamotteru as part of her promotion. The album featured the Vocaloid singing Christmas songs. Miki was also featured singing the introduction of the game Hello Kitty to Issho! Block Crash 123!!.

A young female prototype used for the "project if..." series was used in Sound Horizon's musical work "Ido e Itaru Mori e Itaru Ido", labeled as the "prologue maxi". The prototype sang alongside Miku for their music and is known only by the name "Junger Mrz_Prototype ". kuroshitsuji cosplay

For Yamaha's VY1 Vocaloid, an album featuring VY1 was created. The album was released with the deluxe version of the program. It includes various well known producers from Nico Nico Douga and YouTube and includes covers of various popular and well known Vocaloid songs using the VY1 product. Devil May Cry cosplay

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Fashion Island


Satellite view of Newport Center, with Fashion Island in the middle of the image

Opened in 1967 as part of Newport Center, the mall featured four department stores: Buffum's, J. W. Robinson's, The Broadway, and J.C. Penney. These four initial buildings were designed by architects William Pereira and Welton Becket, and were flanked by several smaller stores. The Spanish architectural theme which would later define the mall was evident in the Robinson's building. In the late 1970s, Bullocks Wilshire (which later became I. Magnin) and Neiman Marcus were added. In the early 1980s, J.C. Penney moved out, and the building it occupied was reconstructed and reopened as "Atrium Court", which contained numerous smaller shops and a food court on the lower level.

Renovation work taking place at Fashion Island

The southwest entrance to Robinson's features a bronze wind-chime sculpture by mural artist Tom Van Sant, installed in September 1967, that was recorded by the Guinness Book of Records as the world's largest wind chime. (Possibly supplanted by Eureka Springs, Ark. in 2007.)

In 1988, the center underwent a major expansion and renovation based on the design of Jon Jerde, adding the Island Terrace Food Court, an eight-screen movie theater, and three new avenues of shops, all of which converge in a circular courtyard with an animated fountain that shoots jets of water up to 30feet (9.1m) high. This fountain is known as the "Iris Fountain" because of the radial-leaves pattern of its marble lining coupled with the jets of water that suggests the iris plant.

In 1990, the Bullocks Wilshire store became an I. Magnin. Federated Department Stores, which owned I. Magnin closed the chain in the mid 1990s, and the store was replaced with a Bullock's Women's Store. When Federated shuttered the Bullock's chain, the store was replaced again by Macy's as a Macy's Women's Store. Buffum's closed in 1991, and its space was later subdivided into smaller stores. After the consolidation of J. W. Robinson's and May Company California, the Robinson's store became a Robinsons-May in 1993. The Broadway, whose parent company had been purchased by Federated was done away with in 1996, and was replaced by one of the first Bloomingdale's stores on the West Coast.

In the early 2000s the mall underwent additional minor renovations resulting in the alteration and replacement of landscape elements, building facades, outdoor furniture ,and floor materials to better reflect the Mediterranean theme. Included in this renovation was the installment of a carousel and a new wing with restaurants and shops, although the carousel was removed in January 2010 as part of major renovations of the center.

The Federated-May merger in 2006, greatly affected Fashion Island, resulting in the closure and demolition of the 80,000square feet (7,400m2) Macy's Women's Store and conversion of the former Robinsons-May into a full-line Macy's store.

Dean & DeLuca announced that it would be opening a new West Coast flagship store at Fashion Island in fall 2009. Those plans were later canceled.

On January 29, 2008, Nordstrom announced that it had signed a letter of intent to open a 138,000sqft (12,800m2) store in 2010 in the former Macy's Women's Store location.

In 2009 the Irvine Company began a 0 million renovation of the mall and is changing the Spanish style to an Italian style. The work will last through fall 2011.


Bloomingdale's 187,534sqft (17,422.5m2)

Bloomingdale's Home Store 62,000sqft (5,800m2)

Macy's 224,219sqft (20,830.6m2)

Neiman Marcus 153,000sqft (14,200m2)

Nordstrom 138,000sqft (12,800m2) Opening Spring 2010

Christmas tree

The large courtyard outside the Bloomingdale's building is occupied annually by a large Christmas tree. About a week before Christmas, every year, the tree is lit, preceded by extravagant holiday performances. The trees are taken from a private timber area near Mount Shasta, and shipped to Fashion Island in several pieces, which are then re-assembled using steel rods and a large crane.[citation needed]

Since 1983, the tree at Fashion Island has generally been the nations tallest. The M Resort held this distinction for 2009.


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History of History

History has always been my favorite subject in school and so were my history teachers. I had made it a point to gather in and out knowledge about the subject. In fact, back in my high school, I had joined Arts stream because I wanted to go deeper in History and wanted to carry my further studies in the same subject. I’m not underestimating any other subject but there is a lot to know in history. One can go as far as possible in the subject. Finally, I accomplished my aim to study the subject from its core and I got to know many interesting facts. A few of them are as follows:

History is the study of past. The subject consists of topics related to collection, discovery and presentation of facts about the past events. The scholars who study about past and write about them are called historians. Events that occurred in the past but before it were written are called prehistory.

Among scholars, Herodotus, a fifth century BC Greek historian is called the father of History. He formed the foundation for the modern study of history with his contemporary Thucydides.
Among the famous historians of the world are Sima Qian from China, Saint Augustine, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel from Greece, Ibn Khaldun from Arab, Lawrence Stone, Robert Fogel, etc. History has been tried to dragged into social sciences by many scholars but after many arguments by Donald Creighton, Hugh Trevor-Roper, Gerhard Ritter, John Lukas and Gertrude it has been decided that history is arts. The concept of quantitative history was introduced by French historians by associating Annales School. They were prominent in the founding of cultural history by using raw data to track the lives of typical individuals. Herbert Butterfield, George Mosse and Ernst Nolte are considered to be the intellectual historians who have argued for the importance of ideas in history. Scholars like Detlev Peukert, Ian Kershaw and Martin Broszat studied and found out how the ordinary people of the 20th century, especially of the Nazi period used to spend their everyday life. Even Karl Marx’s theories have been authenticated by examining the history from a Marxist angle by Marxist historians like C. L. R. James, E. P. Thompson, Eugene D. Genovese, Arno J. Mayer, Rodney Hilton, etc. Though, anti-Marxist explanation of history has also been done by scholars like Roland Mousnier, François Furet, J. C. D. Clark, Robert Conquest, etc. Even feminist historians did not stay behind. They argued about importance of studying about the women and their struggle in the history. Some of the feminist historians are Natalie Zemon Davis, Claudia Koonz, Gerda Lerner, Sheila Rowbotham, Lynn Hunt, Gisela Bock and Elizabeth Fox-Genovese.

History can be further sub-divided into Military history, History of religion, Social history, Cultural history, Diplomatic history, Economic history, Environmental history, World history, People's history, Historiometry, Gender history, Public history, Pseudo history, etc.

The subject has always been given importance and is still given equal importance as other subjects. A student of Arts stream has to opt for the subject as it is one of the compulsory subjects of the stream. The subject is compulsory for all the students of primary and secondary level in schools.

Fashionable Tattoo History

Fashion is most often mistaken to just be made up by the style of clothes you wear or the accessories you choose to add to your outfits. Fashion can also be mistaken as being trendy and having a hot hair styles. While these can be an accurate description about fashion it doesn't give the full understanding of what fashion completely encompasses. Fashion is all about the appearance and message that you proclaim from the clothes, accessories, hair style and trendy clothes you wear.

The Indian (Asian) culture promotes the wearing of a dot on women's foreheads which is called the 'bindi'. This is very similar to the same kind of body painting that is prevalent in other countries like Egypt; which they use a thing called kohl to make their eyes look more attractive. While these two forms of body art are cultural expressions of beauty there has been another form of body art which is gaining popularity to do the same in which the kohl and bindi do: tattoos

The use of tattoo has been around for many, many years, some would say almost since the existence of mankind have people been tattooing themselves or branding their livestock or slaves.

Tattoos have been found in the tombs of the Egyptian princes' and also among some of the mummies of young girls. Archeologists have found these accounts but still deduct that the origin of the tattoo actually originated more in the European continent.

Egyptians have used the tattoo as a tool to identify the individual's religion or tribe. The Romans and the Greeks, tattooed themselves as slaves and this served as a form of punishment to them. Hindus (an Indian religion) used a temporary tattoo called 'henna' to celebrate marriages and also other occasions.

This practice of using Henna is also popular in the middle-eastern countries. Such practices are still prevalent in many parts of the world in either prominent or subtle way.

The tattoo has become more fashionable and is something that can help you to present a beautiful appearance and also give direct message to other about who you are and what you are all about. The rich history that tattoo have make it even one of the best ways you can be fashionable in todays culture.

Haitian History


In 1492 Christopher Columbus wrote about Haiti: "The most beautiful in the world". Certainly, Haiti is a wonderful country in the Caribbean. I think that has a special beauty, with a geography and traditional culture that is totally different from all the other countries in Latin America.
Since then, the dictatorships have destroyed Haitian society, economy, ecology and sport. Since 1950, two million Haitian people emigrated to the United States and other countries. Haitian-American arrived from Haiti with nothing more than their clothes. If we compare the Haiti of today to Haiti of thirty years ago, we see a change: a new multiparty democracy. Today, a vast part of the Third World and more than a billion people are under dictatorships.

Eventually, I would like to finish my introduction with a message by Albert Mangones: "Haiti is unique in history, going directly from slavery to nationhood".


1492: Columbus discovered Haiti in the 15th Century.

1520-1697: Haiti is a Spanish territory.

In the late 1500 and early 1600, African slaves flocked to Island.

1697-1790: Haiti is a French colony. After 16th Century, Haiti became the most important French colony in the Americas. Island´s export to Europe included sugar, coffee and corn. The beauty of Haiti is recognized by the French in the mid-1700 Century, when they called it "Pearl the Caribbean".

1790-1803: During the French colonization slaves suffers from maltreatment. By the late 1790, pro-independence demonstrations. An Anti-slavery movement under Toussaint L´Ouverture began. L´Ouverture is one of the most important black leaders in the history.During this period of time, Haitian slaves attack villages. Anti-French protests riots brutally suppressed. By the late 1803, under leadership of Jean Jacques Dessalines, Haiti army defeated the French forces at the Battle of Vertieres.

1804-1806:A French colony for more than hundred years, Haiti becomes independent, one of the most important events in the history. Jean Jacques Dessalines became the first president of new republic of Haiti, the first black republic in the modern history. Dessalines is the "Father of Modern Haiti". Haiti occupies the Western third of Hispaniola, the second-largest Island in the Caribbean.
1804-1820: Unfortunately; Haiti is divided into two zones. Northern Haiti is occupied by Henri Christopher, who is named Emperor, while the north is occupied by Alexander Petion. Petion is probably the greatest Haitian politician who ever lived.
1880: Haiti has one of the richest ecosystems in the Caribbean.

1900: Haiti´s modern political has been tumultuous, marked by dictatorships

1915-1934: Haiti has not had an effective national government Invasion by United States forces. US troops sent to Haiti during civil sub-war.

1918: The Presidential Palace, one of the best national palaces in the world, is originally designed by the Haitian Georges Bassan. Bassan is inspired to White House Washington.

1926: Emily Greene Balch, a human rights activist, went to Haiti.

1928: Cator is the only Haitian ever to win olympic silver medal. After, Haitian athlete Sylvio Cator breaks the men's long jump record in Paris. Cator was given a hero's welcome when he returned to his country.

1937: In the Dominican Republic, Rafael Leonidas Trujillo ordered national troops to massacre of 20000 Haitian emigrants.

1940-1950: Haiti is one of the most popular travel destinations in the Caribbean.

1944: Dewitt Peters, an American school-teacher, founded the Centre d'Art in Port -au-Prince Since 1944, Centre d'Art became the centre of the Haitian painting. It is now one of Haiti´s biggest tourist attractions, and every year thousands of people came to see the paintings and other work of Haitian art.

1945: Haiti becomes the 26th member of the United Nations in October.

1956: Haiti establishes diplomatic relations with the Republic of China (Taiwan).

1956: Daniel Fignolé is President of the Provisional Council and Head of State of Haiti

1957-1971:After working for a time as a traditional doctor, Francois Duvalier became one of Haiti's most famous doctors. In 1957, Duvalier is elected President of the Republic of Haiti. President Duvalier announced: "My government will guarantee the exercise of liberty to all Haitians". Francois Duvalier, also known for his nickname "Papa Doc", emerged as Head of State and quickly gained nearly absolute power. In 1961 "Papa Doc" rewrote the National Constitution. After, he became the first "President for Eternity of Haiti". In the 1960s and 1970s "Papa Doc" popularizes superstitions ideas to Haiti through a series of important voodoo rites. The Duvalier dictatorship instituted rig press censorship. International agencies accuse government of grave human rights abuses. His regime of terror resulted in the deaths of least 30000 Haitian. The Island is one of the most dangerous countries in the Third World.

1957-1981: Haitian First Lady Simone Ovide became one of the most dominant women in the history of Haiti. Simone, wife of the most famous dictator of Haiti, gained in influence and power through corruption and crime.

1957-1989: For many decades, Haiti does not have diplomatic relations with the USSR, People's Republic of China, Cuba, Hungary, South Africa and East Germany.

1960: The Tonton Macoutes, the brutal secret police, initiated a "Haitian genocide" in which political prisoners were tortured and executed.

1964: Joseph Eduard Gaetjens, the idol of millions of Haitians, is arrested and killed by the Tonton Macoutes, the sinister Haitian secret police. Like John Barnes (Jamaica) and Everald "Gally" Cummings (Trinidad Tobago), he was a great footballer in the Caribbean. After, Gaetjens become a world symbol of the struggle against dictatorship in the Third World. He had dual Haitian and American nationality and played at 1950 World Cup for the United States. Son of Haitian mother and Belgium father, he played for many clubs in the United States. The year 1950 was a very important year for Gaetjens: the United States beat England 1-0, the birthplace of the modern football.

1964: Francois Duvalier changed the national flag. Black and red are the colors chosen by Duvalier. Black, which is similar to the Angolan flag, represents the descendants of the patriot Francois Toussaint L'Ouverture and is also the traditional color of the Haitian people. While, red symbolizes the country`s independence. But the original flag, used since 1803, was removed in 1986 by order of the new government.

1966: Haile Selassie, the Emperor of Ethiopia, arrives in Port-au-Prince. Under the leadership of Dictator Francois Duvalier, many African countries maintain official diplomatic relations with Haiti.
1967: The Comedians, a film by British director Peter Glenville, inspired in the cruel Haitian dictatorship by the Duvalier family.

1971: After Duvalier's death, power passed to his son Jean Claude Duvalier, the man who became known throughout the world as "Baby Doc". Baby Doc is as dictatorial as his father. Haiti is ruled by iron hand. Duvalier, best known for his anticommunist political, is omnipresent. Many opposition leaders were arrested. He is accused of human rights abuses. Thousand of Haitian people fled the country. Corruption is prevalent at all levels of government. The health system is one of the worst in the Americas.

1974: The sporting system is one of the worst in the Third World, but Haiti qualified for the 1974 FIFA World Cup. Haiti beat Trinidad-Tobago in the World Cup qualifiers. Is one of the greatest sporting moment, in the chronology, comparing it to something like Sylvio Cator, who won a silver medal in long jump in the 1928 Olympics Games in Holland.

1975: In El Salvador, Miss Haiti, Gerthie David, is named first runner up at Miss Universe Pageant... transmitting live to millions by CBS. After, Gerthie David is acclaimed in Port-au-Prince as a national heroine. Miss Haiti competed with 71 other women from around the world for the title of Miss Universe, including Miss USA, Summer Barthollomew.

1980: Like Canada, West Germany South Korea and Kenya, Haiti boycott the Moscow Olympic Games in protest for Soviet invasion of Afghanistan

1980-1986: Jean-Claude Duvalier, Haiti's longtime dictator, married Michelle Bennett, an aristocratic lady. A little more than three months later, Bennett-Duvalier becomes First Lady of Haiti. Like Eva Peron (Argentina) or Jiang Qing (People's Republic of China), she was a woman with great power. Michelle Bennett promoted her mulatto countrymen to positions of leadership in the dictatorship at his expense of the African-Haitians.

1982: The National History Park (La Citadelle Laferriere, Sans Souci Palace and Ramiers) is designated as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. Like Machu Picchu (Peru) and Angkor What (Cambodia), the National History Park is considered among the wonders of the world.

1982: Ronald Agenor wins a gold medal in men's tennis singles at the Central American and Caribbean Sports Games La Havana. He captures the hearts of the Island.

1983: Pope John Paul arrives in Haiti for a visit. "Things most change here", said John Paul II.

1986: As Jean-Claude consolidated his power, he consistently refused to consider constitutional reform. The insurrection against the dictator Jean Claude Duvalier began...Antigovernment protesters in the capital. Many deaths, injuries and arrests. Seeming end to long Haitian dictatorship with fall of Duvalier regime.

1987: Haiti has one of the America's rates of HIV infection

1987: The New Constitution restored many of the liberties abolished by the Duvalier family. The National Constitution recognizes both French and Creole as official languages. A new opposition emerged under Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

1988: Writer Rene Depestre wins the Prix Ranandot. Depestre, a Haitian dissident now living in France, was cited his novel Hadriana dans tous mes reves. By the mid-1980s Rene Depestre had become well known in literacy circles outside Haiti.

1990: Ertha Pascall-Trouillot becomes the first black woman elected of Head of State in the world.

1990: First multi-party elections. Jean-Bertrand Aristide, a charismatic black leader, was elected president of Haiti. Aristide is the first democratic president since 1804.He was elected with the most popular support of any Haitian presidential candidate in the history.

1991: Military coup in the country. Raoul Cedras, leader of the coup, emerged as head of the new government. This year marked the end of eight months of democracy. Under new government, all political parties were dissolved.

1991-1995: Like Equatorial Guinea, Cuba and North Korea, Haiti has one of the most serious human rights problems in the Third World.

1993: United Nations imposed economic sanctions on Haiti, one of the most densely populated nations in the Americas.

1994: Peaceful occupation by United States forces to restore democratic electoral system. Raoul Cedras and his family went into exile in Panama City. Aristide was restored to power.

1995: In Port-au-Prince, sub-war violence includes assassination of Meireille Durocher Bertin.
1995: In Beijing, the capital of city of the People's Republic of China, Haiti participated in the UN`s Fourth World Conference on Women

1996:More than 5,000 Haitians had been killed and miles more fled to abroad, United States, Canada, Bahamas and Dominican Republic, since 1991.

1998: Haitian president Renè Garcia Preval arrives in Taipei (Taiwan) for a four-day state visit. He and President Lee will sign a communiqué to strengthen bilateral friendship and cooperation.

1999: Dominican president Leonel Fernandez visit to Haiti as part of a new diplomacy.

2002: In Paris, Dudley Dorival finished 3rd in the 110 hurdles at the World Championships. He becomes the 1st Haitian to win an individual international medal since 1928.Dorival was born in New Jersey, United States, to Haitian parents on 1 September 1975. He in 2000 officially became a citizen of Haiti.

2000: Haiti is one of the thirty poorest countries in the Third World.

2000-2001: The elections were boycotted by the main opposition political parties. Aristide was again elected President. Widespread violent in Haiti allege that Aristide's election victory is fraudulent. Total political censorship exists in national media.

2004: This year Haiti is celebrating the 200th Anniversary of their National Independence. President Jean-Bertrand Aristide of Haiti flees to Central African Republic following anti-government demonstrations. Haiti has one of the most violent conflict areas in the Americas. After, UN troops sent to Haiti during civil sub-war.

2006: Rene Preval is sworn in as President of Haiti. Since the peaceful transfer of power in February, Haiti is the newest democracy in the Third World.

Top Three Homemade Halloween Costumes

There are a lot of individuals each year that go on Halloween with handmade costumes and with ready made costumes being pricier with each passing year, it is quite obvious that the need for clever costumes made at home is there.

In the old days, people that were interested in doing their own costume would just grab a piece of white fabric, cut two holes in it and then go out as a ghost.  It is a still great idea for people that love ghosts to wear such a costume but there are so many different things that could be done as well.

A vampire is an excellent example of a Halloween costume that can be homemade.  All you need is a piece of black fabric to change into a cape (or a cape if you have one handy for other purposes) and then a tin of make-up in order to make the face pale enough that the person can indeed come across as a vampire.  To enhance the impression, you should get some lipstick or red crayon and smear some of it across the mouth and teeth of the person dressing up as a vampire.  This will add the illusion of the person having just had their dinner of blood and even without the tooth extensions there it is still a wonderful costume to wear.

Another great example of a costume that can be entirely homemade is that of a mad scientist.  Many people have chemistry goggles in their homes now because of university children or their own work and therefore a combination of these safety goggles, dark circles under the eyes created with the help of make-up and a white coat it is quite possible to make somebody look like a mad scientist.  If you get them to permanently open their eyes as wide as possible when they go out and then mess up their hair so that it looks as shaggy as possible then it will add an effect to the impression given by the costume.

Ghosts, vampires and mad scientists are just three costumes that people used to buy at the store all the time when they went on Halloween journeys.  However, it is quite possible to make these and other well-known costumes (i.e.

ghouls, goblins and faeries) at home with a bit of creativity and elbow grease and at the same time end up saving lots of money. 

Inventiveness is the watchword for clever homemade Halloween costumes.

Insurance History

In the modern age almost everyone is familiar with the concept of insurance. Some have the time and inclination to learn as much as possible about insurance to make sure they are fully covered, but for others the confusing array of promotions and policies can be alarming and time consuming. In these cases, many will use insurance brokers who are familiar with industry lingo and can get the cover needed arranged at competitive prices.

The concept of insurance in various forms is likely to date back to the very first human beings. In societies without money, there were still ways to secure assistance in case of unfortunate events. When explained, it is easy to see how systems and the etiquette that made this insurance effective are still deeply embedded in people today. Sharing food may well have been an early way of insuring against future hunger.

If someone in your community you know and trust has a no food, and you have a surplus, you may provide them with sustenance. This is a kind act, but it is also performed on the assumption that if in the future the tables have turned, that they would help you in return. The same could have applied to damage to property, if your home was damaged, the community may well have helped to repair it - but if necessary you would have been expected to help others in similar situations. If you did not help others who had helped you, they would understandably feel annoyed and would remember assisting you is not a good investment of time and energy; they may well let the wider community know this is the case, and if you need help again, it may not be so easy to come by.

In modern times, families and friends often assist one another when needed.

It is made clear that favours are still not often performed for free. If you often give a friend a lift to town when their car is unavailable, and on one occasion your car is not on the road, you may well approach this friend for assistance. If they will not help you, you understandably become annoyed and may well refuse to give them a lift in future. It is as though they have broken an unspoken contract. Over many years, different cultures began to develop new methods of insurance for a variety of purposes. In around 600AD the Greeks and Romans had what were called 'benevolent societies', these were guilds that would pay funeral expenses and look after a member's family in the event of their death. Throughout the Middle Ages there were similar guilds in many cultures, and until the 17th century England still had 'Friendly Societies' who provided insurance when necessary to those who contributed by depositing certain amounts of money.

After The Great Fire of London in 1666, Nicholas Barbon introduced building fire insurance for brick and frame houses. It is from this point that insurance, and insurance brokers as we know them today, began to evolve. Next time you are looking at renewing any of your insurance policies direct, or though insurance brokers, it can be made a more interesting process just by thinking that the concept is probably as old as humanity itself.

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Cosmetic Surgery Preparation Techniques

We do not all make excellent candidates for plastic surgery even if we deem it to be so. Finding out if you meet the criteria for the operation is one thing an excellent doctor should do. Your health status and age are two things that doctors reflect on.

Your physical well being is the first thing that surgeons put into consideration. Although plastic or cosmetic surgery is needless, it is still in a lot of ways a surgical process. Prior to starting the surgery, your surgeon should make certain that their subjects are medically fit. If the surgical process goes ahead before existing medical problems are dealt with your healing may drag on and you may even develop complications.

A nurse sets aside time to ascertain if the patient is ailing when they enter a health center. They check for diseases such as bleeding disorders, hypertension, arthritis and diabetes. This is performed since the diseases are linked with such complications as bleeding and loss of skin. They even lead to death in serious cases.

Each year, thousands of women make the decision to pursue cosmetic breast surgery. And while the surgery itself is elective, it's still important that the necessary precautions are taken to ensure the best possible results. Taking the time to prepare for your procedure can effective save you a fair amount of stress and hassle throughout the process. In this article, we will outline a few tips to help you along the way.

Step 1 - Figure out how you will finance your cosmetic breast surgery procedure. Due to the fact that breast enhancement is an elective surgery, it will likely not be covered under your health insurance. Decide if you currently have enough funding to pay for the surgery or look into available financing plans. A basic Google search can provide users with an estimated amount.

Step 2 - Schedule an appointment with your general physician. Prior to your procedure, you will want to determine whether you have any concerning health issues that may be enhanced by undergoing surgery.

Step 3 - Find out about local physicians who specialize in the procedure. When perusing potential candidates, it's always important to gain information pertaining to their specific credentials. Ask for a reference list of past patients whom you might be able to contact to find out more about what you might expect and ask to view before and after photos of similar procedures. Information regarding education, board-certification and complaint history can be extremely beneficial as well.

Step 4 - Decide on the physician who best supports your needs and desires. You'll want to choose someone who you are comfortable with and who is competent in their abilities. Ask questions regarding the specifics of your procedure and discuss your options.

Step 5 - If you smoke, now's a good opportunity to quit. Smoking greatly reduces the amount of blood flow throughout the body and will only hinder the healing process as you recover. It is recommended that patients quit prior to surgery in order to maximize the chance for a successful outcome. If you have concerns about quitting, you can ask your physician for smoking cessation medication to help you through prior to and during your cosmetic breast surgery.

Step 6 - Take care of yourself. If you're not in the best of shape, make the effort to exercise and start eating better. A patient who is of sound body will likely recover much faster than one who is of poor health.

Step 7 - Follow any and all advice provided by the physician performing the procedure. Once your surgeon has been decided upon, he or she will give detailed instructions outlining activities and substances to avoid prior and post surgery. This will work to greatly reduce the risk of complications throughout the process. Discuss any concerns you may have with your physician.

This is one of the parts of the body that women choose to shape up. Besides this, there are various others parts that they choose to shape up. Given a chance, everyone would like to experiment with their looks. Whatever be the urge, it can be satiated with the help of cosmetic surgery. The most popular reason as to why people choose to undergo the procedure is to look attractive. This kind of procedure is performed to enhance the various parts of the body.

Many people have benefited from his procedure. Of late, an increasing number of people are making use of this kind of procedure. There have been rapid advancements in the field of science and technology that have helped people gain an attractive figure!

Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

If at any stage of your life and you intend to make alterations and/or few changes that you believe could change your life, it is no wiser to study first and foremost what the necessary procedures match your certain problems. It is no good having an impulsive decision only because you have seen a famous personality promoting a specific product and/or service.

Here are the most sought after cosmetic surgery and/or procedures:

Rhinoplasty or nose job
Tummy tuck
Face and neck lift
Fillers for cheeks, nose, bum, lips, etc
Eye bag removal
Wrinkle removal
Hand rejuvenation
Hair transplant
Breast enlargement/reduction
Mole, wart removal
And the list goes on.

Costs vary according to the severity and/or extent of treatments and procedures. There have been a lot of clinics including those on the high streets and may be are just one of the fly by night companies and the public must be aware of these unlicensed and scam self acclaimed beauty experts. Because the field of beautification shows a lot of promise in profit, it is very likely that a lot of people with twisted minds will claim that they are licensed by health or beauty experts. It is very important for a probable client to check on the credentials of the surgeon and/or staff before any procedure is done.

The most important factor to consider is the choice for a plastic surgeon. Choose someone who is a member of ASPS or any other authorised organization to ensure the following:

The surgeon or practitioner has already completed at least five years of surgical training with a minimum of two years in the field of plastic and/or cosmetic surgery
Well trained, experienced and recognised in all plastic surgery procedures, including body, breast and face reconstruction
The medical environment and facilities are accredited by licensed bodies
Adheres to a strict code of ethics.
The medical education requirement and standards are continuously met and practiced.

Referral is an efficient way to choose great selection for a surgeon as well. Referrals will give you at least a clearer history of the person you entrust your life with. Reliability relies on the person referring to you. Another evidence of course are direct results and this is the most convenient tool to consider, as the saying goes, to see is to believe. The internet is a vast compilation of choices; you can also check medical organisations claimed by your probable surgeons. It is not just about knowing what procedure you want as well, it is also about what are the possible complications and how are the procedures done, how long is the expected healing process, etc. There are indeed a lot of considerations before you make that very important decision. It is your whole life at stake and also the people who care for you. Legal positions must be clear and understood to avoid any inconvenience if there are any later or after procedures. Trust only the medical experts and licensed at that.

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Stale Drinks: Natural Cosmetics

Do stale milk, orange juice and wine become wastes? It seems wasteful if we throw them away. Then how can we deal with stale drinks in the refrigerator? Experts tell us that these stale drinks can be used as natural masks.

Milk is widely used in skin care. In fact, stale milk is more effective. It is because that when milk goes bad, a large amount of lactic acid is produced. This lactic acid can eliminate the aging and dead skin. At the same time, the rich protein in milk can smooth the skin and make it more elastic. If the milk in your refrigerator goes bad, you can make some milk cosmetics yourself. For example, you can pour some milk into warm water and wash your face gently. Then wash it away with cool water. It functions well as a cleanser. Or you can soak facial puffs in milk and then use them as masks. Such masks can whiten your skin and help your skin soft and smooth.

Some people would like to wash their hair with milk. Such a method would make hair more elastic.

Beer seems to have nothing to do with beauty. Actually, it has a long history, serving as a natural skin care product. The leaven in it can restrain the exudation of sebum. Stale beer is especially good for people who are easy to be allergic. It is suggested that women can soak facial puffs with beer and put them on dry skin for about five minutes. The rich female hormone in beer works well on dry and rough skin.

Soda water can also become an ideal skin care product. The babbles of soda water have the function of cleaning. But the carbonic acid in it would stimulate the skin. If you have a sensitive skin, you should try it on the hands first. Stale soda water can be serves as a facial wash or toner.

You can tap your face gently with soda water. Gone with the babbles, the dirt in the pores would disappear. If you use it as a toner, you may add some lemon juice to it. Use the toner with facial puffs.

Wine is good for health. It is a nutritious cosmetic product, too. When the alcoholic substances in wine disappear, it only brings nutrition to skin. Wine contains much acid and hydroxybenzene, which can resist ultraviolet radiation. While the rich vitamin B and minerals, such as iron, calcium and potassium can slow down the aging process. To make a wine mask, you should add some honey. This mask can be used on face and neck in order to prevent the appearance of wrinkles. You can apply it on skin for about ten minutes. When the skin turns reddish, you must wash it away.

Printing History

The invention of the printing press has really made improvements throughout history in leaps and bounds. Ever since ancient times, they have tried many different techniques to try and reproduce writing in numbers even before there was paper. There is evidence of clay tablets that have been mass produced in the oldest years of human history.

Modern printing methods

These days you can find many printing presses available and more so, there are an infinite number of desktop printers out there and printing is done in homes and offices. There are many advantages however to choosing to have professional printing companies to create wedding invitations, calendar 2011 and even calling cards. Some of the advantages would be the type of printing involve like better quality inks and different techniques to print letters. When done from professional printing machines, the wedding invitations, calendar 2011 and other items would really show another level of quality printing and it would definitely show in the ink and print quality, in the type of paper or materials used and of course the quantity that can be produces for printing wedding invitations, calendar 2011 and other items.

Familiar items

When printing items like calendar 2011 in particular, it is very important to note the kind of style that it is based upon.

Things like the design and paper quality of a calendar 2011 will have to be planned ahead in the design process. Using traditional or professional printers will really show in the final outcome of these printed designs. Wedding invitations on the other hand require other specialty printing techniques as these sometimes require specialty materials, depending on the requirements of the client or the designer. Wedding invitations can also be printed through normal desktop printers but the quality would be so much lower than traditional printing methods.

Desktop or traditional printing

In essence, it will really depend on the requirements of the client whether to use traditional printing or desktop printing techniques and things like the budget, timeframe and requirements should always be taken into consideration. Many clients try to use the desktop printing method because of accessibility and cost, but often have to sacrifice the quality of the final result. There are still quite a number of those who choose to go the traditional route though and despite the costs, they are more than pleased with the quality of the outcome. Higher classed jobs are more often relegated to professional or traditional printers.

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Geisha Costume

Are you excited about your upcoming Costume party at school or the October 31st celebration is drawing nearer everyday for the annual Halloween party but you still don't have anything to wear? Well, here is a great suggestion that you might want to consider especially if you are a girl; the Geisha Costume and the Jasmine Costume.

The Geisha Costume

The Geisha Costume is one great costume for every girl no matter what age group you belong to. But it will always be the better idea to have the Geisha Costume for older generations as the term Geisha has a more mature or adult history which you wouldn't want to be tagged with your little girl. Anyway, the Geisha Costume is a great costume for Halloween parties as well as simply a costume party because it can be easily spotted among a crowd.

If you are interested in having a Geisha Costume for your Halloween party or Costume party then you might want to take note of the following parts of the Geisha Costume that should not be missed:

First is the kimono, there are two kinds of kimono for the Geisha Costume because there's the old and historical kind of Geisha Costume and there's the modern one.

Now, the only difference between the old and the modern Geisha Costume is the length of the skirt. Old and historical Geisha wear very long skirts which are typically ankle length. Modern Geisha Costume are shorter in length which are most likely to be above the knee, this type of Geisha Costume makes it sexier compared to the conservative look of the old kind of Geisha Costume.

Second is the pair of slippers. The Geisha Costume is always paired with a pair of slippers, not high heels, not sneakers or a pair of sandals; it is a pair of slippers.

Thirdly is the heavy make-up. The Geisha Costume will not be considered a Geisha Costume without the heavy make-up that all of the Geisha have to put on. Top on the list would be a very white foundation or base for your make-up and then very red lipstick, heavy blush-on and thick eyeliner as well. After getting every single point in the Geisha Costume you are ready to go!

You might also want to check out the Jasmine Costume that will fit for all age group as well as Jasmine from Aladdin portrays a wholesome image beyond the very sexy Arab costume. The most important part in a Jasmine Costume is the hair, the bra-like top and the silk pants, matched with gold round earring as well.

Planning on what to wear for a Costume or Halloween party could be tiring but it's fun. With these tips that you might want to consider start looking for the parts that comprises the entire look of a Geisha or Jasmine. But be sure to put a little twist and add your own personal creativity to it. You can choose to wear a sexy version, wholesome or funny one!

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Effective Eyelash Cosmetic Treatment

Latisse is FDA approved in the eye drops used in hypotrichosis, which is basically a condition where patients have very sparse eyelashes treatment. Latisse active substance was found to gradually increase the eyelashes, as well as to make them expand, longer and thicker. The entire procedure lasts about 16 weeks, although the results can be seen after 8 weeks. Plastic surgeons, ophthalmologists, dermatologists, doctors who specialize in primary eye care Latisse to treat patients who want to be appreciated for hypotrichosis.

Latisse treatment discovery

In 2001, Allergan active ingredient bimatoprost in patients with elevated intraocular pressure (IOP) and found that the prostaglandin receptor analog eyelashes grow longer, darker and thicker. Latisse containing the active ingredient in 2008 was approved by the FDA for treatment of patients who wanted to improve my lashes.
Latisse is applied every night, like a liquid eyeliner on the upper eyelid, close to the lashes.

The product is applied along the upper eyelid lash line. This formulation can also stimulate eyebrow thickness, which is similar to that which can be caused by waxing. Latisse helps lashes grow longer and thicker on the brow.

Eyelash growth products can be regulated in different ways in different jurisdictions. Some products are more durable silicon dioxide, and Hydroxyethlcellulose hair more companies. Latisse is best said to have tried and rave about its impact on human history. Latisse can reduce the number of alternative therapies to increase the effectiveness of the lashes. Latisse has now received FDA clearance and use.

Method of Application

Clinical studies show that nearly 78% of women and men well known to increase the length, color and fullness of the means Latisse topic. To use all the make-up Latisse removed and care taken to clean the eyelid. Contact lenses should be removed during application. Then, with the applicator brush to the top of the opening base ophthalmic solution drop. This is usually not recommended for use on the lower lash line, as it sometimes can cause hair to grow throughout the region, is being treated, and this may give it a look ungainly.

Side Effects

In addition to common symptoms such as red and itchy eyes were no adverse side effects. Color and with the mouth, eye redness, as well as common, but these symptoms go away when treatment is stopped. However, the eyelashes, as well as stunting and return to their previous status when therapy is discontinued.

In rare cases pigmentation was observed, but again it is reversible. Clinical trials conducted for men and women, shows that only about 4% of all patients suffering from side effects.

Results of clinical trials

During the 16-week treatment period, it was noted that almost 78% of participants found that their lashes grew longer, thicker and darker. Almost 106% of the entire thickness of eyelash growth. Growth cycle, which is known as anagen hair cycle phase increases, which in its turn, the eyelashes. Increased hair a high percentage during the 16-week period.

Without closure

Latisse appeared to enhance the successful growth of eyelashes in both men and women. For best results, this treatment should be continued for at least 16 weeks.


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My father lived in europe.He runs a partymad business in europe.They deveelop a we site named partymad.

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Party Mad is a one stop shop for all your party needs like costumes,Balloons,partymad,partyware, Accesories, Childrens Partyware, whatever you need we are here to help

My father lived in europe.He runs a partymad business in europe.They deveelop a we site named partymad.

Party Mad is a one stop shop for all your party needs like costumes,Balloons,partymad,partyware, Accesories, Childrens Partyware, whatever you need we are here to help

Customers can purchase through our website or by visiting our shop.  Our shop is based in Leixlip, Co. Kildare and you are more than welcome to come in store and see for yourself.   The online shop came about as we wanted to make it easier for existing and new customers to see what we have to offer and allow you to order at a time convenient to you.

We offer a next day or a 2-3 day delivery service.  Alternatively you can collect your order from our shop.

If you are happy with us and our service, please tell others. If you are not, please tell us!

My father lived in europe.He runs a partymad business in europe.They deveelop a we site named partymad.

Party Mad is a one stop shop for all your party needs like costumes,Balloons,partymad,partyware, Accesories, Childrens Partyware, whatever you need we are here to help

My father lived in europe.He runs a partymad business in europe.They deveelop a we site named partymad.

Party Mad is a one stop shop for all your party needs like costumes,Balloons,partymad,partyware, Accesories, Childrens Partyware, whatever you need we are here to help

Funny Halloween Costumes for Couples

Halloween is the one day every year when adults can let go of their inhibitions and transform into whoever they want. For couples, this holiday is an opportunity to take on new identities together that represent their interests and passions.  But, coming up with ideas for Halloween costumes for couples can be daunting. Here are some ideas to ease the decision-making process, and that are sure to be a hit at any Halloween event this year.


Historical Couples

There are many famous couples from the past that are fun and easy to bring back as Halloween costumes. Some of the most popular ideas include political power-couples such as Billy and Hillary Clinton and John F. Kennedy and Jackie O.

Dressing up like Prince William and his bride Kate is another fun idea for young couples who are still reeling from the Royal Wedding that took place in London earlier this year. Whether you choose a couple from modern history or the past, these Halloween costumes for couples will stand out in a crowd at any holiday party.


Television/Movie Couples

Another fun Halloween costume idea is to bring to life a favorite television or movie couple for the day. Some characters that live inside the TV or up on the silver screen are so realistic that audiences think they know them. Dressing up for Halloween allows couples to actually be them. Some of the most popular examples of popular television couples are: I Love Lucy and Ricky, Lily and Herman Munster, and Homer and Marge Simpson.

 Halloween costumes for couples from well-known movies include: Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, Austin Powers and Felicity Shagwell, and the male and female Avatar characters. One of the most effective ways to achieve these looks is by shopping online for Halloween masks of these characters, or by wearing makeup to complete the transformation.


Fairy Tale Couples

Some of the more romantic Halloween costumes for couples include fairy tale characters such as Aladdin and Jasmine and Cinderella and Prince Charming. While dressing up as these characters may be a dream come true for some women, their male counterparts may need more convincing. No matter which characters couples ultimately choose, dressing up together can be an exciting experience that makes the holiday even more fun.

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A Short History of Cosmetics

With all the billions of dollars spent every year worldwide on cosmetics, sometimes we may find ourselves asking, “How did it get to this point? When did it become the norm for me to have to wake up every morning and before I even go out the door I get to paint my face from top to bottom? Surely a woman way back in history didn’t just wake up one day and apply eyelashes, lipstick, eyeliner, foundation, and rouge all at the same time. No, it was, like many things, a culmination of things from the past.

Remember the Egyptians? That was over four thousand years ago. Cleanliness and appearance were terribly important to the Egyptians. They believed the appearance was in direct link with the health of the soul. They strived to always look and smell good. And with a society who values their appearance, you’re inevitably going to have people who are going to make themselves stand out.

But the Egyptians, being the innovative people they were, used cosmetics for reasons that were even smarter than just trying to look good.

Mesdemet was the earliest kind of eye shadow- a substance made of copper and lead ore. The dark shades they believed would ward off evil eyes to their own. It was also a great disinfectant and insect repellant. Kohl was a dark powder that was also applied around the eyes in an oval shape. It was a combination of lead, ash, ochre, copper, and burnt almonds. To further enhance their appearance, they would apply a mixture of water and red clay to the cheekbone area. They would also paint their nails colors of orange and yellow with a substance called henna.

As time moved on and cultures were exposed to each other more and more, the Greeks began to pick up on the many practices of the Egyptian’s use of cosmetics.

They would give themselves a pale color with a foundation that contained lead in it. This proved fatal on more than one occasion. As the Romans began to pick up the cosmetics practice, the pursuit of beauty became much less about functionability and took a turn into much more exotic routes. The Romans would paint their nails with a combination of sheep’s blood and cooked body fat. An ancient Roman man once said, “A woman without paint is like food without salt.”

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The History of Costume Jewellery

I had a party invitation the other day. As I wore my lovely red dress and looked in the mirror, something was missing. A simple plain image is not all that impressive, however beautiful. I smiled to myself and wore my ruby red earrings, a simple yet elegant necklace, a bracelet adorning my long hands, anklets on one ankle adding a sense of mystery to it and a dazzling diva was born. Costume Jewellery certainly adds to your beauty and personality.

A brief history

Costume fashion jewellery dates way back to our tribal ancestors and early civilizations; where people wore animal bones, twigs or simply a flower adorning their tresses. This is even before the precious metals like gold and silver were discovered.

Trends in costume jewellery

Costume jewellery or fashion jewelry is made of simple, inexpensive metals and coated in gold, silver or plain.

Mostly semiprecious stones and other materials are intricately woven into the metal adding a streak of color, style and elegance to the article. Plastic, wood, glass, leather, jute, recycled paper and many other materials are also used to design beautiful articles to reflect ones individual taste and style. Imitations of famous designer jewellery are made, making them affordable to many who love to wear them. Piercing, is trendy too. Tiny jewellery made to be pierced in eye brows, naval or tongue; letting you make your own fashion statement.

Choices and availability

These articles are available in a wide variety of colour choices. Faux pearl for white, rubies for red, corals, artificial beads and synthetic stones in many shades that are woven into metal; offers a wide spectrum of color choices to the fashion conscious. They cover a wide range of jewellery that include; jewellery earrings, jewellery bracelets, anklets, pendants, rings and other stylish accessories. They are less expensive and easily accessible, allowing you the freedom to own a large personal collection of your own. They appeal to all ages; fun jewellery for college goers, formal jewellery for professionals, party wears for party goers. There is a range of designer jewellery available in the market created by well known designers. There are also the vintage costume jewels, timeless and beautiful.

Costume jewellery in today scenario

With the onset of the economic slowdown, costume jewelry offers a great alternative to bejewel oneself and be a fashions. This is a great way to build a collection with a reasonable investment. You do not have to really worry too much about losing it or misplacing either. It gives you the flexibility of owning ten sets for the price of one precious metal jewel.

By making it affordable to all and by offering intricate, creative, fashionable designs costume jewellery appeals to all ages and to all occasions.

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Costume Hats and Their History

Costume hats have always been a big part of history. They are not only accessories. At the same time, costume hats remind people of the persons or things associated with them and of how they have made history in this world.

The Cat in the Hat Holds a Very Well-known Costume Hat

Dr. Seuss' creation, the "Cat in the Hat", introduced the world to the most famous tall, red and white striped chimney hat. Every 2nd of March, nearly all primary schools in the country assign their children to create their own colorful chimney style hat. This is a special way of celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday and of giving importance to his contributions towards education. Other schools distribute costume hats as well as a breakfast of "Green Eggs and Ham" (another one of Dr. Seuss's most famous works) to younger classes.

Color and Shape May Change, still the Jester's Hat Remain Popular

The medieval times' Jester's hat is also a popular hat.

Until now, it appears in ski caps, party hats and costume hats for Halloween. It's also used during the winter season - where you can already see various versions of Jester hats. They are worn by individuals who go through extreme adventures.

Pirate Captain Jack Sparrow and His Pirate Hat

Johnny Depp's character, Pirate Captain Jack Sparrow, was a hit to both adults and kids. Aside from the character, his pirate costume and his brown leather costume hat are also very popular. The hat became very popular and it has been regarded as the best pirate attire in children's pirate games.

Hats are a part of our country's history. Even if it's Jackie O's famous pillbox hats, Captain Jack Sparrow's Pirate hat or the tall chimney pipe red and white striped costume hat of the "Cat in the Hat", hats have a made their part in the world's history.

Social History

Social history also known as new-social history has been defined as History's branch which includes history regarding common people as well as the strategies of theirs with which they used to cope with the life. Among many scholars, in social history's golden-age i.e. in the year 1960s as well as 1970s, this history was major field of growth. Today also it is represented well in the departments of history. In universities of America, from the period 1975 – 1995 a significant increase in the growth rate of history's professor in the subject social history was seen. It increased from thirty-one percent (31 %) to forty-one percent (41 %). There was a fall in the rate of political-historians i.e. it decreased to (thirty) 30 % from forty (40 %).

Old social history, i.e.

before the year 1960, included different topics which were from different part. It was not from military, political, constitutional and diplomatic history. It was topic's hodgepodge without any theme. It usually included the movements of politicians such as Populism. Older-social-history, basically, was matched with political-history, history regarding great-men and intellectual-history.

New-social history was totally different from old-social history. It exploded or highlighted on scene that took place in the year 1960s and there by becoming quickly most dominant historiography's style in U.S., Canada and Britain.

There are many sub-fields of social history.

They are highlighted below: -
Demographic-history – This is a study which studies history of population and processes of demography, using usually various data of statistics such as census. Inside the social-history, it is said to have significant specialty as it is having solid connections along with demography's larger field.
Black-history – It is also known as African-American-history which studies both Africans as well as African-American in history of America.
Ethnic-history – It is important especially in Canada and U.S., where many important and big encyclopedias have helped in defining this field. This history covers ethnic-group's history.
Labor-history – It studies on worker's social history as well as labor-unions.
History of women – This type of history was being exploded during the year 1970s into the prominence. Today it is represented well in almost every topic of geography.
History relating to gender – It mainly focuses upon the history of women, homosexuality and roles of gender, in actual-behavior's term. It is a segment of cultural-history.
Family-history – In 1970s, it emerged like unique field with very close bonds with sociology and anthropology.

A Short History of the Growth of Cosmetic Surgery

Men were recognized to be less vain--or not vain at all--compared to women. Today, there are men known as ‘metrosexuals’ who seemed to be similarly ‘obsessed’ to beauty similar to women. Actually, the cosmetics market serves both sexes and is doing great business.

Searching for beauty and youth seems to have no gender bias. This is one reason why plastic or cosmetic surgery has become one of the most common practices in the field of medicine. In fact, people have been looking for self-improvement since ancient times. Records show that since around 4,000 years ago, people have turned to surgical ways to appropriate facial traumas.

In ancient India, doctors were known to have employed skin grafts for reconstructive facial works as soon as 800 BCE. Nevertheless, advancement in this field was somewhat slow throughout the world for several millennia.

Techniques were modified by the west from India and eventually enhanced for fresh applications. It was only later in the Greco-Roman period when this approach was recorded and spread throughout the western world. From that period on, plastic surgery improved at a much faster pace with the introduction of contemporary technology and the developments of science.

Despite the fact that many of the medical advancements originated in Europe, many surgical techniques were also established in the United States. This includes the first cleft palate operation in 1827, that was done by Dr. John Peter Mettauer. A number of other valuable advances ensued which have made plastic surgery what it is today.

It was only in the 60s and 70s, however, when plastic surgery became an in demand branch of medicine. Previously, one only went to a plastic surgeon secretly. Nowadays, it is a common and recognized practice. A cosmetic surgeon Florida based customers choose is among those sought for such treatments.

Throughout the early stages of its inception, the use of silicone breast implants became debatable. Nevertheless, it did not slow down the fast growth of this type of plastic surgery. At present, the most valuable trend is the usage of less intrusive cosmetic procedures like Botox. Approximately there are over 1.1 million Botox shots administered in the U.S. yearly, and the numbers are gradually increasing. A cosmetic surgeon Tampa based clients prefer administers this type of procedure to hundreds of patients.

The cosmetic surgery tampa clients want needs to be performed by accredited plastic surgeons. For the past several years, the number of cosmetic surgery treatments done throughout the world has increased by an average of 21 percent annually. The demand continues to rise despite the worldwide economic recession.

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Psychic History



Humankind has always thrived on its “awareness instinct,” an innate nature to want know what lies beyond the hill and, more commonly, what awaits a person in the future. As a result, psychic readings have had a consistent place in history, providing answers for all of life’s weighing questions that leave us most confounded.

Early history shows that astrology was the most prevalent form of psychic readings, with prophets or oracles (the term “psychic” wasn’t coined until the 1870s) determining future events by analyzing the positions of stars and planets in the night sky. These celestial phenomena were once thought to hold great value as indicators of fortune, providing a glimpse into the past and future in hopes that, with this new insight, one could restructure the framework of their life.

Today we still use astrology, though its use has been regarded as less practical and more recreational.

Psychics have attracted a certain amount of flack since the 19th century, largely because their work is not one that can be evaluated scientifically. Some have been exiled from communities and harassed for their use of supernatural ability, enduring treatment not unlike that experienced by witches.

In contemporary settings, the word “psychic” now finds strength in the implied ability to use extrasensory perception to gather information otherwise unavailable to the common person. The modern psychic is fortunate enough to have fair portrayals in mainstream culture, with shows like “Medium” and “Ghost Whisperer” providing favorable portrayals of the lives of those gifted with clairvoyant abilities.

This is a stark contrast to time periods where, like with the Salem Witch Trials, psychics were sentenced to death for what they deemed to be the “work of the devil.”

Psychics are perhaps more widespread than ever, thanks to social media tools and populous urban centers where psychics are more accessible and common. And though there continue to be naysayers in academia and religious institutions, modern psychics face a much more conducive working environment.

These clairvoyants will – without a doubt – continue to face skepticism from critics as time marches on, but the mainstream is expected to continue embracing psychic readings, if for the sole reason that many ordinary individuals have themselves played witness to premonitions or fortunes through dreams. As people continue to seek answers about everyday head-scratchers like the “maternal instinct” and startling, unexpected visions, psychics will continue to provide relief and remain prosperous as both service providers and truth-seekers.