Tattoo History

Tattoos are a very old form of body art that go back to ancient times when many cultures used them. Some historians say that tattoos go back 5000 years, while others believe they go back well over 10000 years.

The earliest known evidence of tattooing goes back to markings found on the mummified human body that was discovered in the Alp Mountains in 1991. 5300 years old Oetzi - The Tyrolean Iceman, the oldest European mummified human, was tattooed. 58 tattoos, which appeared to serve more than a simple decorative function as some of them represent known pressure or acupuncture points, has been found on his body. The fact that he was tattooed was not a coincidence and it was probably perfectly normal for people of his time to be tattooed.

Ancient Egypt where wall paintings as old as 2000 BC have been suggesting the use of tattoos is today generally accepted as the cradle of tattoo art. Tattoos have been found on a small number of female mummies. The example of this are the mummified remains of a priestess of the goddess Hathor who lived some time between 2160 BC and 1994 BC.

When the Egyptians expanded their empire, the art of tattooing spread to the civilizations of Crete, Greece, Persia, and Arabia. Around 2000 BC it spread to China. The Mayans were also known to have tattoos, as were the Aztecs and Incas. Tattooing became widespread among Polynesian peoples, and among certain tribal groups in the Philippines, Borneo, Africa, North America, and Japan.

The purpose of tattooing varied from culture to culture. The Greeks for example used it for communication among spies. Romans use them to mark criminals and slaves. Tahitian tattoos served as rites of passage, telling the history of the wearer's life. Tattoos served as symbols of religious and spiritual devotion, decorations for bravery, sexual lures and marks of fertility, pledges of love, amulets and talismans, protection, and so on.

Tattooing was rediscovered by Europeans when they came into contact with Polynesians and American Indians.

About the word - Tattoo

The word - tattoo originates from the Tahitian word ta-tau, meaning - to make a mark. Ta-tau means to mark or puncture the skin and is a reduplicated form of the word - ta - meaning - to strike. Tattauing or tattooing was a word introduced to Europe by Captain James Cook after his 1769 expedition to the South Pacific.

The history of tattoo began thousands of years ago and is as diverse as the people who had them. Today, tattooing is becoming more popular and accepted than it has ever been.

Top Halloween Costume Ideas

Planning to attend a Halloween party this year? Be ready to see some really scary costumes there. In fact, some wearers who have designed and thought up their whole Halloween look want to enjoy the shocked expression on the faces of the other guests at the party. However, true there are many people who don't want onlookers to go into a scary fit when they show up at a party. They all want to look elegant and well-groomed, even on Halloween night. And a party is the ultimate place for fancy Halloween costumes that add a lot of glamour and blitz to the occasion mainly due to the standard Halloween garb donned by most common people. But wanting to look unique and actually attaining the look are two very different ball games. We are here to help you out with your dilemma and will try and give you a few useful tips on how you can look your best on Halloween every year.

Some very elegant Halloween costumes carry with them an influence, dating back to the Victorian age.

If you want to go with this type, you will have to adapt to the Victorian look and feel. Think gothic. Think of the super scary novels that were written in this era- Dr, Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Dracula, and so many more. There were a few gothic characters in this age too. I am talking about characters like Jack the Ripper. You will just have to let your imagination run away, and you will be flooded with ideas. Victorian dressing will help you look perfect on your big night. Since too many people don't go for this look, you will definitely stand out in the crowd.

If this is way too elaborate for you and you don't want to devote too much time and energy to your costume, you can get inspiration from some of the characters in the "old west".

Done right, it will go miles in lending you the very sought after elegant look. Remember the traditional saloon gambler? They were some of the best looking men in history. They had to do it credibly. You will need a pair of boy's cowboy boots. The very 19th century American west look is going to work, I can promise you that.

If you think none of this sounds perfect for you, delve deep into history and settle on the garb of an Egyptian pharaoh. No harm done if you end up looking like one of them, even if you have none of their power or wealth. For inspiration and ideas, watch the Ten Commandments all over again. Yul Bryner's performance as the pharaoh will leave you agape once more. A period piece by way of a Halloween costume will be a hit!

This list is not exhaustive. You can use your own brain to think up more innovative costumes for Halloween night. This article is just to help get you started. Hopefully, you will get the hang of the dressing up concept with this.

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Miami's History

With the sun, sea, beach and general fun,  Miami attracts not only I but many people as well. But the fact shows that many people have ever come to Miami but they don't know more about the beautiful place. Therefore, the article I wrote following will give some information the place.


The history of Miami

10,000 BC

Archaeologists have informed us that although they left very little evidence of their existence there were people living in Miami as long ago as 10,000 BC; Tequesta Indians arrived in South Florida. They survived as hunter-gatherers in the local area which also included what we call Miami and other places like the Everglades and the Keys.


Now a huge jump to 1513AD

In 1513 is when the first European lands in Florida; Juan Ponce de Leon.

He arrives in Florida to seek out the fountain of youth. Although he didn't find the fountain of youth he did find the Gulf Stream.


1565 AD

The city of St Augustine was found by Pedro Menendez de Aviles who lands in Florida who then is the first European to stay in a continental in what is now the United States.



America is granted independence at the Treaty of Paris by the British. Florida is then vacated and is given back to the Spain.



Florida is acquired from the Spanish by the USA. There is now tension in this area as a large number of white migrants and Native Americans take residence in this area. Many white migrants take in black slave workers.



Second Seminole War where black allies fight against the US which results in a lot of the tribes exiled to the west.



Florida is now the twenty seventh state of USA.

Although there are many people now living in America roughly half are salves.



Miami's first hotel the WJ Brown Hotel is opened which means this area is dubbed to be the 'cool' place to hang out


From Toxic to Becoming Fashionable - The History of Botox

The amount of revenue earned by Botox treatments regardless of ecnomic hardships is proof of the substance's popularity. A research firm discovered that the Botox business is expected to exceed half a billion dollars in revenue by the year 2017. The employment of Botox in cosmetic surgery was widespread even before the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved professionals to use the stuff for cosmetic procedures.

Botox is really a copy of a certain species of bacteria. It has come a long way from being a lethal toxin to a cosmetic miracle. Although men and women firmly think that toxins can harm their health, toxins can definitely do wonders for aging skin when processed properly. This was confirmed in 1946 when the toxin was purified into a much less damaging form, making it ideal for medical use.

This subsequently paved a clear path for Botox to become one of the most sought after cosmetic techniques.

Before Botox became a cosmetic feature, it was initially utilized as a treatment for muscle spasms from the 1970s to the 1980s. As acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter, is responsible for heightening muscle activity, Botox works by blocking the passage of the neurotransmitter to a particular region of the muscle. Without acetylcholine, the muscle has no means of contracting, making it much more relaxed;therefore, avoiding the development of wrinkles and folds.

Botox in Florida procedures are capable of treating wrinkles along with other mild signs of aging. This efficiency helped the drug reach new heights. Even though approval for Botox as a cosmetic drug was given only in March 2002, its utilization in cosmetic procedures was currently prevalent beforehand.

When lasers were introduced to the field of medicine, Botox was used along with lasers to further enhance existing cosmetic procedures. Botox is an powerful way of reversing the aging process, helping men and women look and feel younger.

Considering the level of popularity it enjoys today, Florida Botox doesn't look like it's going away anytime soon. Authorities predict that the growth of the Botox market will coincide with the growing number of cosmetic surgeons and patients. Even with alternatives currently being created, Botox still remains the most popular way of removing thirty to forty years off your age when it comes to appearance. It's also worth noting that eight out of ten Botox patients are women.

Toxins in their raw form may possibly be dangerous, if not outright fatal. But if toxins can be processed and harnessed for the benefit of the human race, they may possibly get its big break. The Botox Florida cosmetic surgeons administer is living proof that technology can turn a bad thing into something good.

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