Snowboarding History

Snowboarding was actually developed back in the 1960's. It started as a crude sport with homemade equipment. It wasn't very well known and there weren't equipment manufacturers for the sport like there is today. Even though it is actually hard to actually determine who really invented the sport, or even the first snowboard, some hints of its origin can be tracked all the way back to the 1920s.

Way back then, it was basically just putting a piece of plywood in the snow to use as a homemade sled mechanism, just for fun. Eventually, other similar devices were developed by several different people just out of necessity to provide their children with fun toys to entertain themselves with. One such father was Sherman Poppen who developed the Snurfer (named by his wife) for his daughter. Several people loved the idea of the Snurfer and Poppen began to sell them.

Competitions were developed which in time evolved into a sport, but snowboarding was yet to come. One of the well known Snurfers was Jake Burton.

Burton wanted to surf but his parents wouldn't buy him a board. He really loved the Snurfer and began to participate in the competitions where he became well known in the newly created sport. Later, after Burton graduated from college, he began production on his own line of snowboards. This line was the first to incorporate the use of ski technology and made Burton's boards more maneuverable than the Snurfer. He really caught the attention of onlookers when he won the Snurfer competition with his own snowboard creation. He blew away the competition with the maneuverability of his creation and the skills that it allowed him to develop. Today, Burton's boards are the most popular brand of snowboards making him one of the pioneers of the sport.

Dimitrije Milovich was another pioneer of the sport of snowboarding.

He too developed his own brand of board back during the time Burton was still riding the Snurfer. Milovich is credited with helping to raise the profile of snowboarding because he helped to get articles about the sport of snowboarding published in magazines such as Newsweek, Playboy and others.

In the 1980's, a couple of different boarding magazines hit the newsstands. This helped to make the sport more recognizable. Although many followers began to participate in the sport it did not increase to the popularity of other sports until snowboarding debuted as an official sport at the Olympic Winter Games in Japan in the late 90's. After this, the sport commanded a following of seven million participants in the United States alone. Although it was once considered to be a sport of radical, rebellious young men, snowboarding has now become popular with both men and women. It is not gender specific anymore. Considered an extreme sport, it requires dedication, skill and determination, and can be very dangerous.

Snowboarding has gone far from its humble beginnings with equipment made in shop classes and garages to being one of the most popular winter sports across the globe.

History Of Fashion And Dress Up Games

Dressing up games are extremely popular among the teenage kids, who would like to invest their time on the Globe Wide Internet, dressing up their favorite fashion icons and characters from the favorite novels or actors. Some of the well-known characters that have taken the world by a storm are the Barbie along with the Bratz. Girls all over the globe genuinely like to experiment with their wardrobes and types and like to dress them up based on their fashion statements and design appeals. These lifeless characters turn into alive together with the numerous make up strategies as nicely because the clothes the gamers shop for them with all the help on the around the internet games created specially for this objective.

The dress up rush is one on the famous on-line dress games which no female may resist. Any woman who likes to shop will appreciate this game too.

As it enables the women to accomplish their dream of owning, a method icon boutique and flaunt their dresses within the fashion globe. From supplying the fashion solution for the customers like option of colour, choice of fabric etc. the ladies indulge in a variety of other actions like making their rather own fashion clothes and assisting the others with their attire needs pertaining to many events. Many of the instances, the on the internet games allow the outcomes to become shared using the rest of the world. That is created possible using the support of your storage space, which is supplied to the players around the game server where they may retailer the wonders that they have created in the fashion world to share with their buddies or family later on.

An additional sport rather famous among these that like to play the style games is the Hayden Panettiere Celebrity Makeover sport.

The sport revolves around a fiction character named Miss Panettiere, who wants to possess a makeover based on the part demands on the popular show through which she is acting. The storyline entails the character of Miss Panettiere taken from the Heroes exhibit. The makeover for that show is crucial due to the fact it permits the character to blend in together with the function requirement therefore, providing a probability for that exhibit to proceed together with the recording easily.

In case of any fault, the players should be capable to face the thunder with the director of your display. The makeover does not only revolve across the ideal makeup, quite, it also needs to be completed together with the perfect outfit to match the activities and the scenarios from the display. The backdrops with the scenes may also be transformed to bring out more than likely the most effective of the seems from the make-up and also the clothes in the recreation. The whole game can be played with all the help with the mouse movement, significantly to your ease from the gamers.

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A Brief History Of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry has come a long way in the past few decades. For centuries however, there have been some forms of cosmetic dental surgery that have been practiced. It is from these primitive methods that we now have the advancements that we do today.

One of the most commonly practiced methods by cosmetic dentists in the past was teeth whitening. For hundreds of years, people used various methods to whiten their teeth. While people of today want white teeth mainly for aesthetic reasons, in the past having white teeth often signified wealth and status.

Those that were wealthy and of high stature in a community wanted the whitest teeth possible to show their prestige. Various forms of teeth whitening compounds were used to whiten teeth. Some cultures used acids to whiten teeth, however it was quickly realized that the acid actually ate away at the tooth enamel and caused severe damage to the tooth. Other cultures actually used urine as a method to whiten teeth, as the ammonia in urine worked for removing tooth stains. From these primitive methods, early dentists were able to discover newer ways to whiten teeth that were much less damaging, as well as more palatable.

Early innovators were also able to create various methods to replace teeth that were lost to make a persons smile more appealing, as well as help with function of the mouth. Early sets of dentures were made from wood to help replace teeth both for appearance, and for function. As technology advanced, primitive sets of dentures made from ceramics started to be used until further advancements allowed to us discover the products that we use today.

Though early cosmetic dentistry was certainly primitive, and would be appalling to the people of today, it opened the doors for the advancements that we have made. Fortunately, there are now large selections of cosmetic dentistry procedures available that are much more effective and much more appealing to those looking to improve their smile.

Grantham History

The Spotted Cow began life as a beer house, before being re-built in its present form to become a Public House, at the turn of the 20th century.  The property eventually received its full license after The Artichokes Inn on Swinegate was closed in 1921.  The property received heavy damage during World War II after a Nazi bomb exploded in the street outside, causing damage to the front windows and removing most of the roofing tiles.  John Smiths Brewery bought the property is 1971 from Warwick & Richardson Brewery of Newark.  Circa 2002 it became an Indian Restaurant before being bought in a dilapidated state in December 2008 by Ian Carroll Limited, builder in Lincolnshire , with the intention of converting the property into two high grade offices and two luxury apartments.


The property at the present moment is undergoing extensive renovation, though it is to be noted that the external features as far as possible are going to be in keeping with what the property was like during the middle of its life.  However the internals of the property will be modified to incorporate two offices on the ground floor and two apartments on the first floor.  Allow us to begin firstly by considering the external façade of the property.


To try and maintain the property to be in keeping with what it was like previously historical research was undertaken.  Surprisingly, even with it being a social hub in the Southern end of Grantham, very few photographs could be obtained, and very few facts about the property could be found, the most being summarised in the introduction of this article.  However from the photographs that was found at least one was of value.  Firstly the chimneys were removed to aid in maintenance of the property in later years, but also more importantly they were of value as the bricks were saved, and used to make good any alterations to the external of the property.  The original roof tiles were removed and the entirety of the pitched roof section re-felted and battened.  The next major step in the project was the choice of roof tile that was to be used to re-tile the roof.  Here again major effort was inputted.  The choice was narrowed down through the reasons outlined previously, leaving a replacement clay tile as the only choice.  Today only two major tile companies still manufacture the modern alternative to the original clay tile, Sandtoft and Marley Eternet.  The main deciding factor between these companies was that one choice had colour consistency through out the tile, therefore this was chosen.  To be in keeping with Public House tradition and to also highlight the building from those surrounding it, a mixture of single camber red smooth clay tiles and four rows of red smooth clay club tiles in the middle, run through the entirety of the roof.  The ridge tiles again were specifically chosen to highlight the building, these being two hole crested ridge, these being chosen to offset the loss of the chimneys.  The rainwater gutters and down pipes were replaced like for like with similar cast iron products.


The external woodwork of the building was another key issue.  With the frontage of the building sporting mock Tudor façade to the top half of the property, obviously some of these beams needed replacement.  Again in keeping with the originality of the property these replacements were custom made in Oak to the original sizes.  The fascia boards also were replaced where needed.  However one of the main focal points of the property was also in need of replacement, these being the large finials to the tops of both gable ends at the front.  Once removed it was soon realised that these weren’t to the original design as seen in the photos found.  Therefore new finials were custom made in Oak to match as closely as possible the design as seen in the photographs.


The external rendering of the building was also in poor condition in some areas, here the rendered panels were chopped off and replaced with products to match the original as close as possible. 


Another main feature of the building was that of the windows.  The original were of a wooden construction.  Here uPVC products were considered for fitting, but soon dismissed as not in keeping with the spirit of the building.  Therefore it was decided that new custom made windows would be used manufactured out of Sapelli.  The windows to the entirety of the property were to match the design of the windows to the front elevation.  However building regulations also needed to be taken into account through out the design process of the windows, this being that the windows had to open far enough for escape in the event of a fire.  26mm double glazed units are fitted to meet current energy efficiency ratings and also Georgian bars are incorporated into the top panels of the windows, again to mirror the heritage of the building.


The front and side elevations of the property are decorated to be a light colour and the woodwork again to be black at this present moment in time. 


Allow us now to consider the internal aspects of the project.  As stated previously the use of the property is to be changed from that of a public building into two private apartments and two offices.  Here at the beginning of the project, all the existing electrical systems were stripped out to make ready for four new electrical services, each to cater for the use of each sub-dwelling.  The existing plumbing system was also removed to make way for four new plumbing systems, consisting of mainly of hot and cold water feeds to all four sub-dwellings.  It needs to be mentioned at this stage that wiring is also incorporated to allow for remote key-fob locking on all external doors and also remote video entrance system for the apartments to the first floor.


The layout of the internals is greatly changed from that previously.  The most notable one being the re-positioning of the staircase to the first floor, so that the most space efficient layout could be used in both the apartments and offices below.  The walls between both the offices down stairs and also the apartments upstairs also had to be re-designed in accordance with the current fire regulations.  A fire break had to be incorporated in the roof between the two apartments, to stop the spread of fire through the roof void, but also the wall between the two offices had also to be designed with this in mind.  Stud walls to both floors are also installed to gain the desired layout shape of the property.  Once this was in place all external walls were re-plastered, stud walls boarded and skimmed, and the ceilings double boarded and skimmed also. 

Suspended ceilings are also to be installed in the office spaces


Both apartments are to incorporate new bathrooms, including floors being tiled and all walls being tiled from floor to ceiling, as well as kitchens being fitted to a modern design. 

The offices are to have suspended ceilings to gain a more professional feel to the spaces, storage space for all office essentials, male and female toilets, disable accessible toilet facilities, kitchen fitting in Grantham, all new computer cabling by Grantham Electrician

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Cosmetic Surgery: Breast Enhancements History and Future

This behavior has constantly evolved into different forms. People have journeyed far and wide in search of the mythical fountain of youth.  Others have gone organic in turning to natural ingredients as a beautifying ingredient. A few have gone beyond their limits and tapped into the innovative world of science.

Science and technology paved the way for the advancement of modern day beauty. In 1865, the first recorded breast augmentation Clearwater plastic surgeons can recall occurred in Germany. The procedure involved the insertion of fatty tissues from a non-cancerous tumor into the patient’s breasts. The surgeons then injected industrial silicone into the patient’s breasts. However, since it was a relatively new procedure, the injection of industrial silicone led to massive complications that required the removal of the breasts.

Moreover, procedures such as facelift and liposuction were once a taboo for traditional communities believing that people should be contented with what they have.

However, people learned to understand and value the importance of such procedures thereby leading to their acceptance.

Even breast enhancement was frowned upon before. However, studies showed that breast augmentation Tampa surgeons provide helps reduce the risk of depression in women. Various types of breast augmentation have emerged to best suit the needs of different women. The following lists the common types of breast augmentation.

Saline Implants

This type of implant is the only approved breast augmentation procedure in America today.

Saline implants developed from the need to create a safer alternative to silicone ones. Many doubted the safety of silicone implants due to the “silicone scare.” More mastectomy patients with silicone implants suffered from infection or death. However, despite of such news, some people still consider silicone as the better option.

Fat Reallocation

This interesting type of breast augmentation does not require a foreign body inside the human anatomy. Some patients who undergo liposuction opt for the excess fat to be injected in the breasts. The results of this breast augmentation procedure vary from person to person. Since the fat comes from the same person, the risk of the patient’s body rejecting the reallocated fat is significantly reduced.

Cohesive Gel

An emerging technology in breast augmentation St Petersburg surgeons perform is called cohesive gel. The cohesive gel, otherwise known as gummy bear implant, is known to create a more natural look for the breasts compare with saline ones’ tendency to ripple.