A History Of Plus Size Fashion

Designer plus size clothing is become more popular everyday. The main reasons for it are the great varieties, fashionable styles and affordable prices offered to the respective clients. However this was not the trend a couple of years ago. Bigger and overweight individuals, particularly women had to compromise on their appearance a great deal due to unavailability of large sized clothing. The need for these was realized not very long ago.

The plus sized clothing also known as outsize clothing became a much sought after clothing line during the 90s. Before that, bigger women had to wear clothes that not only looked unattractive but were so tight and uncomfortable to wear that they made breathing difficult. There weren't many options to choose from rather whatever they could find large enough to fit in, they felt happy to wear it.

During 1990s many clothing designers began designing outfits for individuals who were size 14 or above. These included everything from stylish sportswear, business and dress wear, active wear, outerwear, sleepwear, underwear, and shoes. Since then Eileen Fisher, Lafayette 148, Carmen Marc Valvo, Anna Scholz and JS Boutique are the most popular brands for plus sized clothing. These designers offer fabulous designs and styles which range in prices from over 0 to as much as over 0. Moreover you do not have to go for complete outfits or dresses you can mix and match separate pieces of clothes to create the kind of outfit that you desire.

To add to this advantage, online shopping has been introduced to facilitate the over sized women's purchase of designer plus size clothing. Most of the clothing brands also aid the purchase through their comprehensive web sites. You can now look as all the specifications and all relevant details through several authentic web sites and order the outfit that you like.

Nowadays even department and discount stores like Kohls, Sears, Macy's, Kmart and Walmart stock a great variety of highly affordable outsized clothes for curvier women. With the passage of time this trend is gaining more acceptance not only nationwide but globally as well. The plus sized clothes also facilitate women who require larger clothes temporarily for example during pregnancy.

What began as an option to answer the clothing requirements of plus sized women has evolved into a totally new era in the fashion industry. The prospects are vey bright and this sector is only going to grow by leaps and bounds.