Cosmetic Surgery: Breast Enhancements History and Future

This behavior has constantly evolved into different forms. People have journeyed far and wide in search of the mythical fountain of youth.  Others have gone organic in turning to natural ingredients as a beautifying ingredient. A few have gone beyond their limits and tapped into the innovative world of science.

Science and technology paved the way for the advancement of modern day beauty. In 1865, the first recorded breast augmentation Clearwater plastic surgeons can recall occurred in Germany. The procedure involved the insertion of fatty tissues from a non-cancerous tumor into the patient’s breasts. The surgeons then injected industrial silicone into the patient’s breasts. However, since it was a relatively new procedure, the injection of industrial silicone led to massive complications that required the removal of the breasts.

Moreover, procedures such as facelift and liposuction were once a taboo for traditional communities believing that people should be contented with what they have.

However, people learned to understand and value the importance of such procedures thereby leading to their acceptance.

Even breast enhancement was frowned upon before. However, studies showed that breast augmentation Tampa surgeons provide helps reduce the risk of depression in women. Various types of breast augmentation have emerged to best suit the needs of different women. The following lists the common types of breast augmentation.

Saline Implants

This type of implant is the only approved breast augmentation procedure in America today.

Saline implants developed from the need to create a safer alternative to silicone ones. Many doubted the safety of silicone implants due to the “silicone scare.” More mastectomy patients with silicone implants suffered from infection or death. However, despite of such news, some people still consider silicone as the better option.

Fat Reallocation

This interesting type of breast augmentation does not require a foreign body inside the human anatomy. Some patients who undergo liposuction opt for the excess fat to be injected in the breasts. The results of this breast augmentation procedure vary from person to person. Since the fat comes from the same person, the risk of the patient’s body rejecting the reallocated fat is significantly reduced.

Cohesive Gel

An emerging technology in breast augmentation St Petersburg surgeons perform is called cohesive gel. The cohesive gel, otherwise known as gummy bear implant, is known to create a more natural look for the breasts compare with saline ones’ tendency to ripple.