The Essence Of Costume Hats

Costume hats have always been a big part of history. They are not only accessories. At the same time, costume hats remind people of the persons or things associated with them and of how they have made history in this world.

The Cat in the Hat Holds a Very Well-known Costume Hat

Dr. Seuss creation, the Cat in the Hat, introduced the world to the most famous tall, red and white striped chimney hat. Every 2nd of March, nearly all primary schools in the country assign their children to create their own colorful chimney style hat. This is a special way of celebrating Dr. Seuss birthday and of giving importance to his contributions towards education. Other schools distribute costume hats as well as a breakfast of Green Eggs and Ham (another one of Dr. Seusss most famous works) to younger classes.

Color and Shape May Change, still the Jesters Hat Remain Popular

The medieval times Jesters hat is also a popular hat. Until now, it appears in ski caps, party hats and costume hats for Halloween. Its also used during the winter season - where you can already see various versions of Jester hats. They are worn by individuals who go through extreme adventures.

Pirate Captain Jack Sparrow and His Pirate Hat

Johnny Depps character, Pirate Captain Jack Sparrow, was a hit to both adults and kids. Aside from the character, his pirate costume and his brown leather costume hat are also very popular. The hat became very popular and it has been regarded as the best pirate attire in childrens pirate games.

Hats are a part of our countrys history. Even if its Jackie Os famous pillbox hats, Captain Jack Sparrows Pirate hat or the tall chimney pipe red and white striped costume hat of the Cat in the Hat, hats have a made their part in the worlds history.

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