Pirate Costumes - The Latest Costume Party Disguise

Adults, as much as kids, have fun getting disguised and running wild in a certain occasion. However, finding the right costume can prove to be difficult especially because of gender bias. Thanks to pirate costumes, gender stereotype is not something to be concerned about. All pirate lovers can now rise up to the challenge and fun of spotting the hidden treasure amidst a pitch black room.

True enough, many of the pirates in literature and history were men while women were generally portrayed in land-based supporting roles. There are nonetheless a few stories of fiery women with the sea in their veins, and women's pirate costumes reflect just that. Of course, in the male-dominated pirate scene, female characters like pirate wench costumes or working girls are often relegated to serving drinks at the tavern.

Pirate costumes are popular with children, and equally so for adults.

Adult pirate costumes go further than those for children: they are more nuanced, more complex, and definitely sexier. For both sexes, the pirate image oozes a sense of lawlessness, strength, and unwavering independence. These are characters that are confident in what they do and who they are, and can beat you down if they needed or wanted to.

Pirate costumes usually come with a ton of props. No adult pirate costume is complete without an eye patch, a pirate teeth, and hooks on an iron hand. One can also choose to have a pirate head wrap while holding and swinging pirate weapons. Guns and cutlasses are the favorites but you can always choose your own weapon to fight other scalawags or even the British Royal Navy.

Ladies pirate costumes come in different styles and characteristics too. Women can choose from being pirate lass, a pirate queen, or Seven Seas Siren. Of course, an eye catching pirate hat or band can also fit the ladies. For adult women, the pirate-setting character gets an additional facet. They are supposedly enlightened to the sexuality of things, and the characters they look at and portray get that sexual side to them. The pirate is someone who takes what they want from whoever they wish and does whatever they feel. This carefree spirit extends to the costume, giving it that sexy yet butt-kicking feel. A pirate costume says "I am strong, I am sexy, and you will not want to mess with me". Even pirate wench costumes have a tough, I-won't-take-any-of-your-nonsense look.

Pirates have conquered the world of Halloween and other costume parties. It's time to get into the trend and party in style with the best pirate Halloween costume you can come up with. Still, it all comes down to how you play the part. Talking like a pirate is only an extra. It is about how you swagger, how you move with effortless confidence. This is what we admire the most about pirates: they are confident. They are confident enough to not care what others think and to feel that what they do is right. If you think you can do that, then the pirate costume will look great on you. Put one on and you can go in search of treasure, danger, and wild times!

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