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They put together make up two of their favorite sports in the office, albeit a little weird, a patented hybrid of a very aptly named Schweitzer "surfing." And even though the pair made it to sports, which we now know, the first inventor of sports sailing on the board (the board) were Newman and Naomi Darby.


Thanks to the magazine American Windsurfing Magazine story and Naomi Newman came out of oblivion. Name Darby often pops up when discussing the roots of surfing, but the idea has always been considered a failure and it was regarded as a nesrabotavshey. In fact, Newman had the idea of "free sail" since 1948. And their boards Darby produced and sold since 1964. Their story should be read necessarily. If you have not already done so, look for Volume 5, Issue 1, or visit American Windsurfer Magazine. In addition, the first person to be photographed on a sailing surfing (seylborde), was a woman - Naomi! More detailed first-hand information available in electronic museum Darby (Darby Electronic Museum). 20 August 1997. Brian and Lorraine Carlstrom, organized a meeting with Newman Darby. At a meeting attended by over 300 people. This was the first public official recognition of the contribution of Darby in the creation of windsurfing.

The essence of joint invention and Darby Drake / Albert Schweitzer was setting sail on a hinged stand when under sail itself should keep the crossbar (the boom) and crossbar (geek) can move in any direction in its plane. This movement allows the bolt to change direction without using steering.

Darby stopped production of its seylbordov in the late 60's due to poor sales, and only in the early 70's the new sport lunged forward with the start of mass production of the new brand Schweitzer's Windsurfer. These durable polyethylene boards were used for all levels of sailing, because the other did not exist. They begin to learn, they rode the wizard. Windserfer was fit to all regardless of conditions. By the end of the 70's surfing has taken a strong position in Europe. More familiar to the individual sports than team, the Europeans are massively engaged in windsurfing, every third family had seylbord as they were called. Dozens of European manufacturers have to produce their own versions of Windserfer'a - a new kind of a thriving industry.

Americans have begun to acquire the surf in Europe, and this trend continues to this day. Start the 80 marked by a grandiose growth windsurfing. Number of participants in races was always high, was born the World Cup and the Olympics 1984. Los Angeles got windsurfing Olympic status. Equipment-intensive perfected at a furious pace all mid-80's, and as is the case with world records for speed sailing at 36 knots, set by windsurfer. Since windsurfers are constantly building up speed, improving technology and equipment, and over 40 knots. Now the record is fixed at an unbelievable level - 80 km / hr. And today, surfing is completely fine sport for all ages.

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