The History of Costume Jewellery

I had a party invitation the other day. As I wore my lovely red dress and looked in the mirror, something was missing. A simple plain image is not all that impressive, however beautiful. I smiled to myself and wore my ruby red earrings, a simple yet elegant necklace, a bracelet adorning my long hands, anklets on one ankle adding a sense of mystery to it and a dazzling diva was born. Costume Jewellery certainly adds to your beauty and personality.

A brief history

Costume fashion jewellery dates way back to our tribal ancestors and early civilizations; where people wore animal bones, twigs or simply a flower adorning their tresses. This is even before the precious metals like gold and silver were discovered.

Trends in costume jewellery

Costume jewellery or fashion jewelry is made of simple, inexpensive metals and coated in gold, silver or plain.

Mostly semiprecious stones and other materials are intricately woven into the metal adding a streak of color, style and elegance to the article. Plastic, wood, glass, leather, jute, recycled paper and many other materials are also used to design beautiful articles to reflect ones individual taste and style. Imitations of famous designer jewellery are made, making them affordable to many who love to wear them. Piercing, is trendy too. Tiny jewellery made to be pierced in eye brows, naval or tongue; letting you make your own fashion statement.

Choices and availability

These articles are available in a wide variety of colour choices. Faux pearl for white, rubies for red, corals, artificial beads and synthetic stones in many shades that are woven into metal; offers a wide spectrum of color choices to the fashion conscious. They cover a wide range of jewellery that include; jewellery earrings, jewellery bracelets, anklets, pendants, rings and other stylish accessories. They are less expensive and easily accessible, allowing you the freedom to own a large personal collection of your own. They appeal to all ages; fun jewellery for college goers, formal jewellery for professionals, party wears for party goers. There is a range of designer jewellery available in the market created by well known designers. There are also the vintage costume jewels, timeless and beautiful.

Costume jewellery in today scenario

With the onset of the economic slowdown, costume jewelry offers a great alternative to bejewel oneself and be a fashions. This is a great way to build a collection with a reasonable investment. You do not have to really worry too much about losing it or misplacing either. It gives you the flexibility of owning ten sets for the price of one precious metal jewel.

By making it affordable to all and by offering intricate, creative, fashionable designs costume jewellery appeals to all ages and to all occasions.

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