History - Basics

The term history means a discovery, organization, presentation as well as collection regarding the information relating to the events of past. We can use the term history in 2 senses. It can either mean event's record or the events itself. In wide sense, history means all which has already happened or taken place, not just all human-life's phenomena but also those regarding natural-world also. It involves everything which undergoes a change. It has been shown by science of today that not a single thing is static, the entire universe as well as its part has some or the other history of its. History is considered a research's field that uses narrative for examining as well as analyzing sequences of the event. It also sometimes tries to objectively investigate the designs of effect and cause which determines the events.

History's nature as well as history's usefulness is being debated by the historians.

History, today, forms big component regarding human-knowledge, side by side knowledge regarding science and culture.

Historical study is done on following areas:

Periods – Study of history often highlights on development and event which occurs in specific time's blocks. These time period are given names by historians to enable the historians to use "organizing the ideas as well as classificatory-generalization". Names which are given by historians may differ with the location of area or may differ due to start as well as end dates of any period. Decades and centuries are some terms used commonly and these terms reflect the time period.
Geographic-locations – Base for the study of history also is formed from any specific geographical-location like continents, cities or countries. Why a particular location is so successful? The answer to this question depends upon the study of that location and the study is possible with the historical data of that place.
World – World-history refers to study regarding major and important civilizations from a period of last three thousand years. History of world is important especially as filed in teaching. It is mainly teaching-field instead of research-field. After 1980's it became more popular in many countries because it provided student with wider exposure about world.
History of military – This history specially concerns strategies, warfare, weapons, battles and combat's psychology. From the year 1970s New-military-history is concerned more with the soldiers than the generals, more with the psychology than the tactics as well as with wider warfare's impact on culture and society.

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