Boys Soldier Halloween Costumes-Roman, Centurion Or Gladiator Rocking Costumes

The Romans gave us the Latin language, Aqueducts, Christianity (religion), roads of cement, and most of the month names, but by far the greatest things they gave us, is great Iconic Halloween costumes.

It is true in a way, when you think of the Roman Empire and all its history, it is enormous. Not only do we include the Romans themselves, but we also should remember the Celts, The Greeks, The Persians and many more that are involved in Roman history, and you can see the potential for great Halloween costume ideas for all adults and children.

But when it comes to tough and unique at the same time, The Roman, Centurion or the Gladiator costumes stand tall above the rest and because they are amazing looking, are hard to beat in terms or pure little boys ultimate warrior costumes.

Because of the theme of the costume there is a wide excellent choice.

There are literally hundreds to choose, or really for your child to choose from, and you can be sure they will not be disappointed with these costumes but extremely very excited.

Out of the history of Rome, three Iconic warrior types of armor comes to mind. To be noticed this Halloween and made feel ten feet high, strolling around in one of these costumes is sure to be a hit.

The first costumes are the Frightening Roman soldiers, feared all over the then known world, a menace to the surrounding kingdoms. There are many different types of costumes but most will have the fantastic basics of a tunic, body armor, the Iconic flowing Red Cape, gold trimmed arm bands, cuffs, leg guards, a head piece or a choice of the weel known iconic Roman Helmet. Combined with a sword and shield and you can see why young boys just go nuts for this look.

The second is The Roman Centurion costume. A leader of his own legion, eighty men to be exact, A very brave soldier, a great leader and inspiring figure to his men. This is another amazing costume for any young boy, to be more than just a Roman Soldier and be a commanding leader. The Gold armor upon the white tunic is stunning, a must see of a costume.

The third is the Gladiator, in my opinion, the bravest of the bunch. The Gladiator was a warrior prisoner who sadly was used to entertain crowds, battling other Gladiators, wild animals and condemned prisoners. The Gladiator look has been immortalized because of Russel Crowe's portrayal in the movie" The gladiator" and with this strong and menacing look, with its superior armor and stunning masks, you can see why this is very popular amongst young boys.

The great thing about these costumes is they can also come in Adult size, and are fantastic looking. There are also beautiful costumes for women and little girls too, such as Roman Empress and Cleopatra costumes, and can make a perfect pairing for any Roman costume.

But for young boys, these are the ultimate fighting warrior costumes, and racing around in this look, is sure to be the most stand out costume on any boy this Halloween.