Great Adult Halloween Costumes Ideas

For lot of adults every Halloween brings the same question. What kind of costume can I wear this year? Finding adult Halloween costumes ideas is easy, finding great ones is something else. Another question to be asked is, do you want to be funny, scary, cute or sexy?  Although this is a holiday that is usually associated with being scary people down through the ages have chosen to celebrate in a variety of different ways.


No longer are ghosts and goblins the only choices for costumes, now you can be just about anything your heart desires. It doesn't even have to be something humanoid. It can be an inanimate object like a ketchup bottle or salt and pepper shakers. Couples can even dress in one costume. Just about anything your mind can come up with you can find a costume of it or you can make it yourself. It doesn't matter, as far as adult Halloween costumes ideas go it's anything goes.



Lets take a look briefly of the origins of this holiday.

The holiday is actually a mixture of the ancient Celtic holiday of Samhain, the Roman festivals of Feralia and Pomona and the Christians day of All-hallows Eve, which became Halloween. All-hallows Eve was the day before All Saints' Day, which was also called All-hallows or All-hallowmas. This day was to take the place of the Celtic's Samhain the day before they celebrate the day of the dead.


The Celtics believed that on Samhain the ghosts of the dead would return and ruin their crops. The Celtics would light bonfires and wear costumes, consisting of animal heads and skins and would try to tell each other's fortunes in an attempt to ward off the ghosts.


By changing Samhain to All-hallows Eve, the day before All Saints' Day, the Catholic Church sought to bring a more religious nature to the Celtics day of the dead making it a day to honor saints and martyrs.


When European immigrants came to America, their varied Halloween customs came along with them.

Trick-or-treating actually goes back to the early All Souls' Day parades in England. Poor people would beg for food during the festivities. They were given pastries called "soul cakes" by families for their promise to pray for the family's dead relatives.


The wearing of costumes not only have Celtic roots by European roots as well. There was a time when people thought that on Halloween ghost would come back and if they left their houses the ghost would see them. So as to not be recognized by the ghosts, people wore masks when they left home so that the ghosts would think that they were ghosts also. To keep the ghosts from entering their homes, people would put bowls of food outside their houses.


So as you can see Halloween has a long and strange history. So now lets look at some great adult Halloween costumes ideas.


One great idea is to dress like a zombie. Everybody likes zombies just look at all the movies that's been made about them. You just can't go wrong as a zombie.


How about your favorite cartoon character? You're bound to be a hit as Peter Griffin from "The Family Guy", Fred Flintstone, or Sponge Bob Square Pants.


Ladies you can dress as a mermaid, a princess or even Barbie. Oh, how about a sexy witch?


If you look around online there is no doubt you will find loads of great adult Halloween costumes ideas. Just keep your eyes open.