A Brief History History Of Chocolate

Trust me, real chocolate truffles doesn't contain vegetable oil.

Why do cheap chocolate truffles contain vegetable oil?

Because some firms don't give a monkeys about taste, and really only care about costs. They want to sell to you the cheapest chocolates they can at the most expensive price they can.

Vegetable oil is used in place of cocoa butter - which is naturally found in real chocolate. The extra large chocolate conglomerate company, inc will have worked out that they can strip cocoa butter from chocolate, and sell that for use in cosmetics and face treatments at 4 or 5 times the price of the cheap oil they put back in the chocolate. So removing cocoa butter and replacing with vegetable oil is just a way to get more money for these big companies. Do chocolate truffles taste better with vegetable oil in? (I'll leave that to your taste buds to answer) if you aren't sure, then stir a teaspoon of vegetable oil into a bowl of cocoa Taste nice? I doubt it.

Why do fresh, handmade chocolate truffles taste so good?

Handmade chocolates taste nicer because there is less inside them, and less is better. For a similar comparison, try a Victoria sponge, freshly made by your gran that came out of the kitchen a few hours ago, and compare that with a cake you purchased from a supermarket - like the ones that come out of a box, with horrible packaging inside, and a list of ingredients longer than the bible. I've never found a food which tastes better with lots of preservatives in, and I doubt you will - nothing can beat home-made fresh food, and I really want you to find the best of any food you find - be that bread, cakes, doughnuts or chocolates.

There are lots of extremely friendly chocolatiers in London, who make tasty chocolate truffles. A minority of them put that extra bit of tender love and care in, and only make hand made chocolates. Others go even further and refuse to put any artificial preservatives in.  


Unless you've treated yourself to fresh, handmade chocolate truffles , you won't quite believe the difference. chocolates made by hand mean they've had that extra bit of tender love and care put in. They are not processed buy a machine the size of a lorry, but slowly made by a trained oompa loompa's hands, caring about each and every chocolate truffle that is made.

He was trained in the art of chocolate making by his parents at the young age of 14. Today, 60 years later, the Bernachon factory is still famous for its delicious chocolate.

In 1660, a Frenchman named Debauve was dubbed the first "Royal Chocolate Maker", by King Louis the 14th of France after he had received a wedding gift of chocolate from his wife Marie Therese. In 1800, approximately a century and ½ later, one of his descendents named Sulpice Debauve established a chocolate shop in Paris.

His chocolate was so revered that he was able to open additional shops and had established 60 of them by 1804. He had a nephew named Antoine Gallais, who partnered up with him in 1823 and the name of his shops changed to Debauve and Gaillais.