Cricket History

The game of cricket is one of the most popular games played today and the huge fan following it has is simply awe inspiring. Most of the countries have a large fan following for this wonderful game of cricket, popularly known as the gentleman's game.

It has been seen that whenever there is a tournament held, you would find majority of the public leaving back all their works to attend this match. Either they remain glued to their television sets or get the tickets to watch the game live at the stadium. It is not a complicated game and hence can be understood easily by a beginner.

Cricket has started off way back in the 16th century or probably even earlier. If one delves down the pages of the history to find out more about this game, you would come upon pages which describe different forms of cricket like that of county cricket, cricket played locally, internationally played cricket etc.  Apart from the information provided on the types and forms of cricket which has been played since the dawn of cricket history, it also gives us an idea on the rules and regulations which are followed while playing this game.

Cricket history also speaks about how the bat originated, which is one of the most significant things in the game of cricket.

The bat which we see nowadays, used in various tournaments played in international or local cricket actually has its origin in the 18th century.  The bat used prior to this was in the shape of a hockey stick. Stone pieces were used as balls in the earlier times, whereas nowadays the cricket balls are made up of cork, enclosed with leather quarters which are hand stitched. Cricket history has always served as a source of information for all the cricket lovers, be it of any nation. It is also sometimes used as a guide to have a clearer idea of the game, to obtain detailed information.

This history also lets you know the practice and traditions of the game. When one goes through the pages of cricket history, you gains immense knowledge on the game, it origin, it rules, its traditions, its founders etc. This game has a charm of its own. Though many have criticized it, remarking it as a game where many fools run after a hit ball, but in reality, when one understands the game, it's actually a pleasure to watch.

The history of cricket can be defined as a complete encyclopedia consisting of the various forms and facts related to the game. This gentleman's game was first played in the 17th century by adults in Sussex & Kent. It was also played in the continent of North America, as it spread far and wide through the English colonies. It moved down to West Indies in the 18th century and to New Zealand and South Africa in the 19th century. The speed with which it spread, no doubt shows how far popular and accepted it was.