Military History

By the term military history we mean discipline of humanity within scope regarding normal recordings of history of the armed battle in humanities history as well its effect on society, as well as on societies economies, culture as well as changing relationships both international and within the country.

Affairs of military have been focused, by the historians who are professional, which had vast impact upon societies that were involved along with the conflict's aftermath. In contrary to this unprofessional or unskilled hobbyists and historians usually take lot of interest to larger extent in details regarding battle, uniforms and equipments that were used.

The important subject in the study of the military history are reasons of the battle, cultural and social foundations, logistics, doctrine of military on both side, leadership, strategy, tactics as well as tactics that were used during war and also how all of these have come across many changes with the passage of time.

As this field is applied-field, many schools and academies providing services teaches the military history because command of military wants and seeks that the mistakes that were done in the past should not be repeated again.

They focus on the improvement of present performances through inculcating abilities in the commanders for perceiving parallels of history during the war in order to take the advantage on past lessons which were learned.

Military's discipline is said to be very dynamic which changes with the development because organizations and societies are using it.

Military history's discipline's this nature i.e. dynamic one is very much related with speed of the change military-forces as well as science and art to manage them and is related with technological-development's frenetic-pace which took place in that period called as Industrial-Revolution as well as recently during information and nuclear ages.

The most important concept in current period is RMA – Revolution-in-Military-Affairs that explains how the warfare was shaped up by rising new technologies like gunpowder. RMA also highlights upon small changes have been brought in accordance with current stability.

The invention of new arms has the capacity in altering the scenario of the war dramatically. The technologies and types of military-units that were produced during war of ancient period are:


The technologies and types of military-units that were produced during medieval time are:

Crossbow etc.