Chucky And Mens Halloween Costumes

He may not be the biggest, bloodiest, or most intimidating horror movie villain, but Chucky the doll has still traumatized millions of movie-goers with just a few words.

"Hi, I'm Chucky. Wanna play?"

Two decades of children have lived in fear of those words. Two decades have seen him slice through everything from movies to haunted houses to Halloween outfits.

With red hair, blue overalls, and tiny little sneakers, Chucky could be a remnant from any toy chest, a piece of history from any childhood playtime... except games have always been the last thing on his agenda.

Originally released in 1988, "Child's Play" was conceived as a psychological thriller rather than a slasher flick. Writer/director Don Mancini wanted to examine the effects of advertising and commercialism on young children, with Chucky - a young boy's doll - serving as a focal point for the world's wicked ways.

In the film, Chucky is gifted to Andy, a lonely six year old.

Then Andy's caretakers start dying one by one. Despite Chucky's bloody legacy, the first film plays coy with his true nature; he isn't seen killing anyone until well into the movie, leading audiences to wonder if Andy himself is the culprit.

These days, of course, the idea that Chucky is "just a doll" is laughable. More than a character or a message, he's a brand in his own right. "Child's Play" has spawned countless sequels, spinoffs, games, toys, and Halloween outfits, each bloodier and more memorable than the last. Chucky stands at the helm of his own empire.

Ironically, Macini's warning against consumerism has become a consumer's dream. With countless Halloween outfits and Chucky dolls.

So what can you take from mens Halloween costumes built around Chucky? For one, you won't have to worry about being recognized. Chucky is one of the most iconic figures of his time, still famous after twenty years and a half-dozen sequels. You'll also be drawing on nostalgia - everyone has childhood memories (and nightmares) of Chucky.

Most importantly, Chucky is *scary*. He's a twisted horror of what should be untouchable - a corruption of youth and innocence that goes beyond Hollywood movie magic. By choosing to dress as Chucky, you'll be striking at deeper fear than just ghosts and spooky masks.

Chucky also makes a great choice for mens Halloween costumes. There aren't a lot of options for guys who like dressing up, but Chucky himself is male, and even the funny parts of his outfit - the wig, the overalls - aren't quite as amusing when they're covered in blood. You won't be laughed at in a Chucky costume.

This October, choose Chucky if you really want to make a statement. He's famous, he's frightening, and wearing his face is guaranteed to inspire both fear and conversation. There aren't many Halloween outfits more memorable than the one with a body count spanning two decades.

Mens Halloween costumes are difficult, but choosing Chucky is so easy it's almost... well... child's play.