Effective Eyelash Cosmetic Treatment

Latisse is FDA approved in the eye drops used in hypotrichosis, which is basically a condition where patients have very sparse eyelashes treatment. Latisse active substance was found to gradually increase the eyelashes, as well as to make them expand, longer and thicker. The entire procedure lasts about 16 weeks, although the results can be seen after 8 weeks. Plastic surgeons, ophthalmologists, dermatologists, doctors who specialize in primary eye care Latisse to treat patients who want to be appreciated for hypotrichosis.

Latisse treatment discovery

In 2001, Allergan active ingredient bimatoprost in patients with elevated intraocular pressure (IOP) and found that the prostaglandin receptor analog eyelashes grow longer, darker and thicker. Latisse containing the active ingredient in 2008 was approved by the FDA for treatment of patients who wanted to improve my lashes.
Latisse is applied every night, like a liquid eyeliner on the upper eyelid, close to the lashes.

The product is applied along the upper eyelid lash line. This formulation can also stimulate eyebrow thickness, which is similar to that which can be caused by waxing. Latisse helps lashes grow longer and thicker on the brow.

Eyelash growth products can be regulated in different ways in different jurisdictions. Some products are more durable silicon dioxide, and Hydroxyethlcellulose hair more companies. Latisse is best said to have tried and rave about its impact on human history. Latisse can reduce the number of alternative therapies to increase the effectiveness of the lashes. Latisse has now received FDA clearance and use.

Method of Application

Clinical studies show that nearly 78% of women and men well known to increase the length, color and fullness of the means Latisse topic. To use all the make-up Latisse removed and care taken to clean the eyelid. Contact lenses should be removed during application. Then, with the applicator brush to the top of the opening base ophthalmic solution drop. This is usually not recommended for use on the lower lash line, as it sometimes can cause hair to grow throughout the region, is being treated, and this may give it a look ungainly.

Side Effects

In addition to common symptoms such as red and itchy eyes were no adverse side effects. Color and with the mouth, eye redness, as well as common, but these symptoms go away when treatment is stopped. However, the eyelashes, as well as stunting and return to their previous status when therapy is discontinued.

In rare cases pigmentation was observed, but again it is reversible. Clinical trials conducted for men and women, shows that only about 4% of all patients suffering from side effects.

Results of clinical trials

During the 16-week treatment period, it was noted that almost 78% of participants found that their lashes grew longer, thicker and darker. Almost 106% of the entire thickness of eyelash growth. Growth cycle, which is known as anagen hair cycle phase increases, which in its turn, the eyelashes. Increased hair a high percentage during the 16-week period.

Without closure

Latisse appeared to enhance the successful growth of eyelashes in both men and women. For best results, this treatment should be continued for at least 16 weeks.