Funny Halloween Costumes for Couples

Halloween is the one day every year when adults can let go of their inhibitions and transform into whoever they want. For couples, this holiday is an opportunity to take on new identities together that represent their interests and passions.  But, coming up with ideas for Halloween costumes for couples can be daunting. Here are some ideas to ease the decision-making process, and that are sure to be a hit at any Halloween event this year.


Historical Couples

There are many famous couples from the past that are fun and easy to bring back as Halloween costumes. Some of the most popular ideas include political power-couples such as Billy and Hillary Clinton and John F. Kennedy and Jackie O.

Dressing up like Prince William and his bride Kate is another fun idea for young couples who are still reeling from the Royal Wedding that took place in London earlier this year. Whether you choose a couple from modern history or the past, these Halloween costumes for couples will stand out in a crowd at any holiday party.


Television/Movie Couples

Another fun Halloween costume idea is to bring to life a favorite television or movie couple for the day. Some characters that live inside the TV or up on the silver screen are so realistic that audiences think they know them. Dressing up for Halloween allows couples to actually be them. Some of the most popular examples of popular television couples are: I Love Lucy and Ricky, Lily and Herman Munster, and Homer and Marge Simpson.

 Halloween costumes for couples from well-known movies include: Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, Austin Powers and Felicity Shagwell, and the male and female Avatar characters. One of the most effective ways to achieve these looks is by shopping online for Halloween masks of these characters, or by wearing makeup to complete the transformation.


Fairy Tale Couples

Some of the more romantic Halloween costumes for couples include fairy tale characters such as Aladdin and Jasmine and Cinderella and Prince Charming. While dressing up as these characters may be a dream come true for some women, their male counterparts may need more convincing. No matter which characters couples ultimately choose, dressing up together can be an exciting experience that makes the holiday even more fun.

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