Printing History

The invention of the printing press has really made improvements throughout history in leaps and bounds. Ever since ancient times, they have tried many different techniques to try and reproduce writing in numbers even before there was paper. There is evidence of clay tablets that have been mass produced in the oldest years of human history.

Modern printing methods

These days you can find many printing presses available and more so, there are an infinite number of desktop printers out there and printing is done in homes and offices. There are many advantages however to choosing to have professional printing companies to create wedding invitations, calendar 2011 and even calling cards. Some of the advantages would be the type of printing involve like better quality inks and different techniques to print letters. When done from professional printing machines, the wedding invitations, calendar 2011 and other items would really show another level of quality printing and it would definitely show in the ink and print quality, in the type of paper or materials used and of course the quantity that can be produces for printing wedding invitations, calendar 2011 and other items.

Familiar items

When printing items like calendar 2011 in particular, it is very important to note the kind of style that it is based upon.

Things like the design and paper quality of a calendar 2011 will have to be planned ahead in the design process. Using traditional or professional printers will really show in the final outcome of these printed designs. Wedding invitations on the other hand require other specialty printing techniques as these sometimes require specialty materials, depending on the requirements of the client or the designer. Wedding invitations can also be printed through normal desktop printers but the quality would be so much lower than traditional printing methods.

Desktop or traditional printing

In essence, it will really depend on the requirements of the client whether to use traditional printing or desktop printing techniques and things like the budget, timeframe and requirements should always be taken into consideration. Many clients try to use the desktop printing method because of accessibility and cost, but often have to sacrifice the quality of the final result. There are still quite a number of those who choose to go the traditional route though and despite the costs, they are more than pleased with the quality of the outcome. Higher classed jobs are more often relegated to professional or traditional printers.

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