Stale Drinks: Natural Cosmetics

Do stale milk, orange juice and wine become wastes? It seems wasteful if we throw them away. Then how can we deal with stale drinks in the refrigerator? Experts tell us that these stale drinks can be used as natural masks.

Milk is widely used in skin care. In fact, stale milk is more effective. It is because that when milk goes bad, a large amount of lactic acid is produced. This lactic acid can eliminate the aging and dead skin. At the same time, the rich protein in milk can smooth the skin and make it more elastic. If the milk in your refrigerator goes bad, you can make some milk cosmetics yourself. For example, you can pour some milk into warm water and wash your face gently. Then wash it away with cool water. It functions well as a cleanser. Or you can soak facial puffs in milk and then use them as masks. Such masks can whiten your skin and help your skin soft and smooth.

Some people would like to wash their hair with milk. Such a method would make hair more elastic.

Beer seems to have nothing to do with beauty. Actually, it has a long history, serving as a natural skin care product. The leaven in it can restrain the exudation of sebum. Stale beer is especially good for people who are easy to be allergic. It is suggested that women can soak facial puffs with beer and put them on dry skin for about five minutes. The rich female hormone in beer works well on dry and rough skin.

Soda water can also become an ideal skin care product. The babbles of soda water have the function of cleaning. But the carbonic acid in it would stimulate the skin. If you have a sensitive skin, you should try it on the hands first. Stale soda water can be serves as a facial wash or toner.

You can tap your face gently with soda water. Gone with the babbles, the dirt in the pores would disappear. If you use it as a toner, you may add some lemon juice to it. Use the toner with facial puffs.

Wine is good for health. It is a nutritious cosmetic product, too. When the alcoholic substances in wine disappear, it only brings nutrition to skin. Wine contains much acid and hydroxybenzene, which can resist ultraviolet radiation. While the rich vitamin B and minerals, such as iron, calcium and potassium can slow down the aging process. To make a wine mask, you should add some honey. This mask can be used on face and neck in order to prevent the appearance of wrinkles. You can apply it on skin for about ten minutes. When the skin turns reddish, you must wash it away.